Explorit Science Center in Davis

Are the rainy and cold days of winter getting you down? Do you have kids that are curious to learn a little bit about everything? Are you tired of being cooped up inside with those kids who keep asking…who, what and how??? Well if you need a little “brain stimulation” or just an excuse to get those little hands exploring… then a quick drive to Davis to visit the Explorit Science Center is what your family needs!


Just a quick 10-15 minute drive (depending on who’s driving) out of Downtown Sacramento and you and your children can discover the wonders of science with all of the hands-on exhibits.
Open on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, this center is great place for the kids to explore and learn at the same time.

The center has two levels- the upper level is always changing with different exhibits and the lower level is “hands on” exploration at multiple stations. You can discover the behaviors of moving objects, test shapes in a wind tunnel, experiment with sound waves, check out different “Creatures” and much, much more.

During our visit, we were able to create our own parachute and watch it fly…my daughter loved this, since she was able to cut out, tape and assemble it all together and then was able to let it “blast off”! My little guy couldn’t be torn away from the “test track”. He is way too young to understand how much energy is needed for a car to go over a hill…but since they had race cars and a track…it was all he needed to keep those cars in motion and him entertained for a long time!
We even had the opportunity to pet a “Bearded Dragon” and check out some live cockroaches…

My kids were a bit too young to actually understand and fully grasp everything this museum had to offer, but they both had a great time, especially in the “toddler area”. This room is full of blocks, tinker toys, books, puzzles, puppets, creatures of sorts (lizards, bugs, etc.). It was a great way to spend a rainy morning playing and learning about all types of new and exciting things.

The exhibits are always changing and while we were there, the exhibit “Wheels to Wings” was on display. You can learn everything from planes, trains and automobiles. This exhibit will continue until January 9th, 2011 and then “Game On! The Science of Sports” will begin. All those sports players out there will be able to learn how to improve their game while investigating the physics, biology and chemistry behind their favorite sports!

They do have an outdoor area with picnic tables if you plan on staying the entire day (given that the weather permits dining al fresco). This is a fun outing if you have kids that are school age and are interested in learning about how things work. Or even if your kids are young like mine, they still had a blast just exploring and playing with everything. They may not have learned or understood everything- but it was a great rainy day activity none the less.


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