Runaway Stage Production at the 24th Street Theater- Cinderella is coming!

Most people from out of town wouldn’t necessarily think of Sacramento as being known for their theatre and arts. We can’t compare to New York’s Broadway or London’s West End, however, we can boast to have several fantastic theatre venues as well as having one of the largest collection of community theaters in California.

Some of these community theatres include the 24th Street Theatre, Kookabura Productions, Big Idea Theatre, B Street Theatre, Chautauqua Playhouse and many more.

One of the reasons I love living in this golden city is that I have the opportunity to expose my children to all aspects of the arts, yet we still live in “suburbia” in the middle of an agricultural area. We easily have access to the performing arts, museums and so much more!

Even though my kiddos are too young to fully appreciate the theatre and arts, I’ve been having fun watching them grow and learn as I expose them to different things…whether it’s finger painting in the backyard, viewing art at the museums on second Saturday… or my favorite, enjoying a live performance at one of our many venues.

Runaway Stage Productions has been operating in Sacramento since 1997 and currently is the only community theatre company in the greater Sacramento area to have an 18 piece Resident Orchestra dedicated to providing live music during performances (quite impressive I must say!).
This company stages 6 Broadway style productions each season and 6 original Storybook Children’s Theatre shows, which are tailored to the younger audiences.

My daughter (who is 3) absolutely LOVES this theatre. The actors are great at getting the kids involved (Boo’ing and hissing at the villains, applauding for the hero, etc) and they are patient with the kids after the show by giving lots of hugs and signing autographs for everyone.

The theater itself is older (built in 1929), but has been kept up very well and is a perfect venue for community theatre. Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Curtis Park, they have ample parking behind the theatre and is walking distance from Crepeville, if you decide to take your youngster out for an after-show treat. The theatre itself does sell candy and snacks at intermission (yes, they do have an intermission so those kiddos can take a “pee” break), but I would suggest forgoing the $1 candy bar for a chocolate crepe down the street!

So if you have a little “Princess” or “Prince”, I would suggest taking them to see Cinderella (January 15th, 22nd and 29th, 12pm and 2pm). Tickets are only $8 general admission and $6 for kids 12 and under. That’s cheaper than taking them to the movies!

Not only is it a great way to start exposing them to the performing arts…but it’s a fun family “date” that you and your kids won’t forget!


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