Sky Zone- Indoor Trampoline fun in Rocklin!

Our beautiful sunny days came to an end and everyone here in Sacramento is once again remembering what winter is all about- Rain! And when you have kids (especially those with high energy), then a day or two is about all you can handle of being inside! My kids were literally jumping off the walls, so I thought a trip to Sky Zone in Rocklin would help get that energy out.

If you have never experienced Sky Zone (as I hadn’t) then you are in for some serious calorie- burning, indoor fun! Sky Zone is an “Indoor Trampoline” where the entire floor and walls are a giant trampoline!

They have SkyRobics Fitness classes, Kids’ camps, Dodge ball games and entertainment for people of all ages.

Since my kiddos are younger, we choose to visit on a Wednesday afternoon during their “Toddler Time”. From 1pm-3pm, children under the age of 5 can bounce and play ball without the crowds and without the chance of being injured by an older and more crazy jumper!

My daughter had a blast bouncing and jumping off the “walls”- my little guy was a bit overwhelmed, but spent the entire time kicking a soccer ball around the trampoline (I guess our next trip should just be to an indoor soccer arena).

Even though my kids had a good time- I think the older kids would get much more out of the visit. School age and older (even moms and dads) will all have a blast. On Friday nights they have “SkyMania“- where kids ages 11-15 can jump from 9pm-11pm (pizza included) and on Saturday nights “SkyMania” is for the kids 16 and older.

They also have drop in times throughout the week- just check the website for the day you are planning on going.

If you are planning on staying for several hours, they do have a concession where you can purchase snacks, along with a small arcade to keep all of the kids entertained.

One thing to keep in mind if you are planning on visiting is that (just like a roller skating rink) you must wear their shoes. The smallest size they have for kids is a 10- so the little kids must go with bare feet (no shoes OR socks). So make sure you have clean socks for the family…and if you have a germ phobia, you may not want to take you little guys.

Overall, Sky Zone was a great experience to burn some energy and get the kids (and mamma) bouncing. We had a great time and I know that I will be back- maybe not with the kids…but for some calorie-roasting fun!


Sunny Days at the Sacramento Zoo

There are some days when I go outside and I’m reminded just how lucky I am to live in Northern California. If you have been in Sacramento the past couple of weeks, you know what I’m talking about…the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! How many places can you enjoy the sunny spring weather in February?? And if you are like me- you will take advantage of this weather and find as many things to do outside as possible.


Earlier this week I took the kids to the Sacramento Zoo, where we enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air and learned about the animals and reptiles.

My kids (as most kids do) love the zoo. Monkeys and giraffes are the favorites of my little guys and my daughter still loves to watch the baby tiger (she was born last March) however, she doesn’t really seem like a baby anymore!

The Sacramento Zoo is small enough that you can see everything in a few hours (great for those kids who still nap), yet large enough that by the end of the day your little ones will be worn out and have had their fill of animals!

If you need a stroller- they do have “Wagon rentals” for $5 and $8, They are great for the older kids- but a tiny tot wouldn’t be very comfortable (hence the wagon part).

Make sure you bring cash so you can get tickets for the carousel and train ride around the zoo (our family can never escape riding the carousel). And of course- the kids love the playground! This really isn’t much of a playground- but more of a headache for moms…A large cement slide, a rope spider web and cement statues to climb on. The kids go crazy- but all I see is a rush to the ER for a busted lip and stitches…AAAGGHH! But- they have fun and it’s a great spot to stop and picnic (yes, you can bring in your lunches) They do have “zoo food” to purchase, if you don’t have your lunch- but I would rather bring the lunches and treat the kiddos to a Merlino’s freeze (a Sacramento favorite) and they have a kiosk near the gift shop.

I hope your little animals have fun monk eying around at the Sacramento Zoo.

TrailMix.Net in Old Sacramento

During our latest “adventure”, the kids and I decided to enjoy the cold (yet sunny) February weather and explore some of the greater things that Old Sacramento has to offer.
Beyond the Railroad museum, candy shops and boutiques- we found what I think has to be Sacramento’s best kept secret. Well- it’s probably not so “secret”…but I was in heaven when I finally stumbled upon The Trail Mix.Net Store.

If you or your kids are hikers, backpackers, campers or just nature enthusiasts, then this is the store for you! The best way to really describe this store if you haven’t been is to think of “REI”- but for kids!
Science Kits, books on butterflies, bugs, and dinosaurs, camping gear for kids and all sorts of nature games. They have so many great things for the kids who love nature…and this is a great place to pick up unique birthday gifts for moms to stock up on!

Even though the store is fun to wander through- it was their Activity/Art Center that we were interested in. The Activity Center is set up to be thought of as a “restaurant”- however, instead of the waiter/waitress bringing food, they serve paint, change the painters’ water and make sure that the kids (and adults) are happy.
Just as a restaurant, you can choose an “Entrée”- such as a bird feeder to build and paint, picture frame, flower pot, etc. Or, you can choose something off the “A’la Carte Menu”- blank canvas boards to create your own work of art and adding some “Sides” as U pick-em Seashells, Twigs, Critter Cutouts, and all sorts of other materials to make your artwork unique and your own.
My little kiddos were having so much fun choosing different things to paint…we now have a collection of wooden butterflies, trees, door hangers… and so much more!

I was a little nervous about my little guy who is almost 2 and starting to get very rambunctious (as most little boys are), but he had fun painting his pictures and they have crayons and paper for the little ones to keep entertained. He was artistic for about 5 minutes and then was more intrigued by the Volcano of Rocks and puzzles they have out for the little ones. I literally had to drag my daughter away from the paint since she continued to pick up items off the “A la Carte” menu and I knew it was starting to add up!! You can view their menu on their website.

My suggestion would be to find something off the “Main Course” if your kids are older and enjoy art… if I would have known my girl was going to enjoy it so much, I would have had her make one of their newest additions- a paint your own Kite (we will be back to get that kite…especially since spring is around the corner).
They do have aprons that you can purchase (I would suggest wearing your “Paint Clothes”) and they do have a washroom to clean up in when your done (also equipped with a changing table for the little guys!).

I am absolutely in love with this store… It just makes me excited for the spring to officially hit and bring on the hiking sticks, camping gear and flowers to pot with the kids! Living in Sacramento you have to love being outdoors and enjoying everything this area has to offer. The Trail Mix.Net store is going to make it easy to get my kids excited about nature and all the fun we can have outdoors.