Sunny Days at the Sacramento Zoo

There are some days when I go outside and I’m reminded just how lucky I am to live in Northern California. If you have been in Sacramento the past couple of weeks, you know what I’m talking about…the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! How many places can you enjoy the sunny spring weather in February?? And if you are like me- you will take advantage of this weather and find as many things to do outside as possible.


Earlier this week I took the kids to the Sacramento Zoo, where we enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air and learned about the animals and reptiles.

My kids (as most kids do) love the zoo. Monkeys and giraffes are the favorites of my little guys and my daughter still loves to watch the baby tiger (she was born last March) however, she doesn’t really seem like a baby anymore!

The Sacramento Zoo is small enough that you can see everything in a few hours (great for those kids who still nap), yet large enough that by the end of the day your little ones will be worn out and have had their fill of animals!

If you need a stroller- they do have “Wagon rentals” for $5 and $8, They are great for the older kids- but a tiny tot wouldn’t be very comfortable (hence the wagon part).

Make sure you bring cash so you can get tickets for the carousel and train ride around the zoo (our family can never escape riding the carousel). And of course- the kids love the playground! This really isn’t much of a playground- but more of a headache for moms…A large cement slide, a rope spider web and cement statues to climb on. The kids go crazy- but all I see is a rush to the ER for a busted lip and stitches…AAAGGHH! But- they have fun and it’s a great spot to stop and picnic (yes, you can bring in your lunches) They do have “zoo food” to purchase, if you don’t have your lunch- but I would rather bring the lunches and treat the kiddos to a Merlino’s freeze (a Sacramento favorite) and they have a kiosk near the gift shop.

I hope your little animals have fun monk eying around at the Sacramento Zoo.


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