Sky Zone- Indoor Trampoline fun in Rocklin!

Our beautiful sunny days came to an end and everyone here in Sacramento is once again remembering what winter is all about- Rain! And when you have kids (especially those with high energy), then a day or two is about all you can handle of being inside! My kids were literally jumping off the walls, so I thought a trip to Sky Zone in Rocklin would help get that energy out.

If you have never experienced Sky Zone (as I hadn’t) then you are in for some serious calorie- burning, indoor fun! Sky Zone is an “Indoor Trampoline” where the entire floor and walls are a giant trampoline!

They have SkyRobics Fitness classes, Kids’ camps, Dodge ball games and entertainment for people of all ages.

Since my kiddos are younger, we choose to visit on a Wednesday afternoon during their “Toddler Time”. From 1pm-3pm, children under the age of 5 can bounce and play ball without the crowds and without the chance of being injured by an older and more crazy jumper!

My daughter had a blast bouncing and jumping off the “walls”- my little guy was a bit overwhelmed, but spent the entire time kicking a soccer ball around the trampoline (I guess our next trip should just be to an indoor soccer arena).

Even though my kids had a good time- I think the older kids would get much more out of the visit. School age and older (even moms and dads) will all have a blast. On Friday nights they have “SkyMania“- where kids ages 11-15 can jump from 9pm-11pm (pizza included) and on Saturday nights “SkyMania” is for the kids 16 and older.

They also have drop in times throughout the week- just check the website for the day you are planning on going.

If you are planning on staying for several hours, they do have a concession where you can purchase snacks, along with a small arcade to keep all of the kids entertained.

One thing to keep in mind if you are planning on visiting is that (just like a roller skating rink) you must wear their shoes. The smallest size they have for kids is a 10- so the little kids must go with bare feet (no shoes OR socks). So make sure you have clean socks for the family…and if you have a germ phobia, you may not want to take you little guys.

Overall, Sky Zone was a great experience to burn some energy and get the kids (and mamma) bouncing. We had a great time and I know that I will be back- maybe not with the kids…but for some calorie-roasting fun!


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