Discovery Museum Science and Space Center

Last month, America celebrated the launch of space shuttle Discovery’s last mission, as well as mourned the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.
With these monumental events, we took our children to the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center, to let them explore and learn “hands on” about space.
I hadn’t been to the Discovery Museum in many years (think elementary school field trip!) and I found it just as fascinating now as I did so many years ago.
The museum is ever changing and bringing in different exhibits to explore and learn about. Currently (January 15th-mid August) you can view “Space Quest! An exhibit about Space and the Solar System”. Kids can dress up in Astronaut costumes and sit in a shuttlecraft cockpit that was used by real Astronauts during their training. They can view and handle “elements” from the periodic table and learn about molecules, atoms, gasses, electricity, etc.
My kids are still way too young to understand what they were learning about- but they had fun playing with the “Rocket Ships”, Robots and exploring the world of Space. If your youngsters are in grade school- this is a wonderful place for them to learn “hands on” and in a non-formal environment.
On the weekends they offer family craft times where the kids can learn and create (while we were there, they did a craft pertaining to DNA). They also have a planetarium (children must be over 4 to attend), wildlife shows and nature walks.
Our family enjoyed the exhibits and even enjoyed a picnic out by the pond. Luckily, they let you “come and go” throughout the day- so you can either leave and get lunch before the shows, or you can bring a picnic and eat at the outside tables.
Discovery Museum is a fun way to get your kids interested in science and a great family outing to enjoy together.


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