Bounce U in Roseville

What is with this crazy Sacramento weather?? One day it’s beautiful and spring-like and we are out enjoying the sunshine at the parks, and the next day the forecast is calling for rain?? It’s enough to drive a mom crazy, especially when trying to plan activities for two rambunctious kiddos!
Luckily for us, there are plenty of indoor activities through the Sacramento area to keep us busy and to keep the kids moving and active. On one of our recent “rainy day excursions”, we visited Bounce U in Roseville.
This was our first experience at Bounce U and I was thinking…”just another bounce house place”. Well- to my surprise, they were a bit different.
What makes them different from other bounce/fun places is their customer service and their “sessions”. First session began at 9:30am and everyone went into the “bounce” room all at the same time. They had employees in the room watching over and helping the youngest ones to slide/bounce and have fun.
This room consisted of a bounce area, large inflatable slides, soft foam T-ball and basketball area and even a “shooting” cage to blast off soft foam balls.
As with all bounce/play areas, socks are required and they have cubicles to place your shoes and belongings.
Just as the kids were getting tired of the inflatable toys- one of the employees announced we were all moving to “the next room”. This was a surprise to me- since I’ve never been to a “bounce place” and “herded like cattle” into another area.
Even though packing up all our things and moving to another with two little ones was a bit of a hassle, it really was ingenious. The kids moved from one room with more “younger jump toys”, into a room with larger and more “advanced” jumpers.
In this area we again had full run of the room- larger bounce houses with basketball and balls to toss, climbers to slides and even a huge “spider web” to climb and reach an even larger slide. This “Spider web” was way too advanced for the little ones, so it was closed off while we were there.
The “session” was 1.5 hours and for $7 per kid (under 2 are free), we definitely played our moneys worth!
If you plan on visiting Bounce U, check their website for “open bounce” hours. Also- to make life easier for you, bring your backpack so you can keep all your belongings in one spot and easily accessible for the transition from room to room.

As my daughter said in mid-air as she was bouncing away…”Mommy- this place is awesome!”.


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