Celebrate National Donut Day

By Alyssa Green

Do you love donuts as much as I do?  Mmmm…just the thought of a fresh donut makes my mouth water.  Well, guess what?  We are designating Friday, June 3rd as a guilt free day for eating that yummy fried, sugary dough.  That’s because it is National Donut (or doughnut) Day.

National Donut day was brought to my attention by my son’s Cub Scout Den leader.  Apparently the day has quite a history.  And after learning of it, I am completely on board with devouring donuts in celebration!

In 1938, the first Friday in June was designated  “National Donut Day.”  The event commemorates and honors the female Salvation Army officers of WWI who served fried dough (donuts) and coffee to the soldiers on the front line.  This act of service instantly boosted morale and was greatly appreciated…and National Donut Day was born.  Click here to visit the Salvation Army website for more information on it’s history.

Is your mouth watering yet?  If so, head on over to Danny’s Mini Donuts located in Old Sacramento, tucked in a corner just across the street from the Railroad Museum.  Danny is a one-man show and not only serves his goodies fresh from the shop, but also bakes goodies for large events such as birthdays or office parties.  I say goodies because although his mini donuts are his most popular item, he also makes mini cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies and chocolate candy.         

I had the pleasure of sampling some of Danny’s donuts and oh my…they were delicious!  Kids will probably choose the chocolate or vanilla with sprinkles, but adults will love the fresh strawberry and cream topped donuts.  The fun part is going into the shop and watching the donuts being made right in front of you.  Danny loves to have kids visit the shop so he can show them the donut making process.  And of course, the goodies are just the right size for little munchkins.

Now for the really fun part!  Danny is giving two of our lucky readers vouchers for 1 dozen donuts.  Visit his shop or website then come back here and leave a comment about what you like best about those mini desserts.  The drawing will be held on Friday, June 3rd – National Donut Day, of course!


9 thoughts on “Celebrate National Donut Day

  1. My friend & I took the kids to the train museum & all we could thin about was Danny’s donuts the whole time! they were soooo yummy & the perfect size for kids. We inhaled the strawberrys & cream donuts in a heartbeat! so gooood!

  2. We enjoyed watching Danny make our mini dounts. The machine that plopped the donut was fun to watch and my grandkids will love to go there next time they come to see me. The donuts were amazzzzing they just melt in your mouth! We will go back again and again!!!

  3. I love mini donuts! I had mini dounuts in san francisco a bit ago and my baby loved them as much as I did. I even said to my husband that I wish there was a place that served them in Sac! I can’t wait to check them out!!!

  4. I didn’t even know that he was there, we will have to stop by next time we are in Old Sac.
    I like that he said they are made on the spot for each customer so you know that they are fresh

  5. I love that they are just the right size to satisfy that craving for a donut without eating a huge one! Having them made to order lets you know that they are fresh and haven’t been sitting in a pastry case for hours on end! Thank you Danny for your little treats of happiness!

  6. I like that he described his donuts as “light.” I love a good donut, but not the ones that sit in your stomach all day. They sound delicious and I can’t wait to give them a try! I frequent Old Sac often.

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