Children’s World Ocean Day at Star Eco Station in Rocklin- This Saturday!!

Star Eco Station in Rocklin is an environmental children’s science museum and exotic wildlife rescue center. If you have children who love to explore the world and the fascinating (sometimes bizarre) animals and reptiles that surround us- then this may be the place for them!

This non-profit, environmental science museum is dedicated to “Preservation through Education”. They offer interactive environmental science education programs for students and community, as well as providing rescue and rehabilitation for exotic wildlife.

Guided tours are available to experience the exotic wildlife they have. While we were there, we had the opportunity to see snakes, parrots, tortoises, lizards of all shapes and sizes and even was able to pet a “bearded dragon”. The look on my 3 year olds face when she got to see the Boa’s skin after it had been shedded was priceless!

Throughout the year the Star Eco Station holds many special events for the community. Children’s Earth Day, DinoFaire, Creepy Crawly Creature Feature to name a few. This coming Saturday, June 4th– join other families at the Children’s World Ocean Day.

Children’s World Ocean Day will celebrate our worlds ocean’s with exhibits, science experiments, games, art projects, activities and more. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about their impact on the environment in a fun setting.

Star Eco Station also has summer camps starting soon- so check their website for days, times and how to sign your children up.

I wish we had more pictures to share from our adventure here- however, my little rascal was being- well, a 2 year old that day! It was a bit more than I could handle with him banging on the snakes cages and trying to climb in with the turtles! The center is very kid friendly, but I would suggest if you have an extremely rambunctious little toddler, maybe wait until they are a tad bit older to enjoy this environmental children’s museum!



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