Play Ball with the Sacramento River Cats

By Alyssa Green

Who doesn’t love a good baseball game?  Especially a Sacramento River Cats game at Raley Field just across the  River in West Sacramento.  We love our sports teams here in Sacramento and my family is certainly no exception.  We had the opportunity of attending a game recently and not only did we have fabulous seats and perfect weather, but my son and his friend Hannah ran into the team mascot Dinger, which completed an all around super fun evening.

My co-author Heather has done a fabulous job in letting you all know about the Mommy and Me Days hosted by the River Cats for parents with children six years or younger.  There are also some other great family-friendly programs and promotions that we want you to know about.

Toyota Family Value Fridays  on  Fridays throughout the season hot dogs and desserts are just $1.00.  Considering that my husband spent $8.75 on a “Dinger dog” (it was huge!) at the last game we attended, I would say that one-dollar Fridays are a spectacular deal.

What can be better than feeding your kids dinner for a buck or two?  How about free dinner?  Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays throughout the month of August.  In addition to eating free, they receive free membership into the Dinger Club.  What a deal!

Saturday nights are Sutter Health post-game fireworks!  We love going to Saturday night games where we spread out on the lawn with our kids and stay late just to see the spectacular fireworks after the game.  My kids consider it a highlight to a very fun evening.

How about a family package deal?  The XFINITY Family Pack includes 4 game tickets, 4 meal vouchers (hot dog, drink, potato chips and dessert), 4 tickets to Fairytale Town and 4 tickets to the Sacramento Zoo.  All for $57.00 per pack.  This is a wonderful package, not only for residents, but also for visitors who plan on visiting Fairytale Town and the Zoo during their stay.  Available on dates 6/18, 7/23, 7/30 and 8/13 only.

Father’s Day is coming up…how about a package for dad?  The River Cats Father’s Day package includes 1 Senate Box ticket, 1 pre-game BBQ.  $36 for adults, $30 for children.  Each ticket sold as part of this package will be entered into a drawing to have a Father’s Day greeting printed along the baseline track, as well as an opportunity to throw the first pitch.  Valid June 18th only.                                                                                                       

In addition to the packages and promotions listed above, there are also “theme” nights.  Sacramento Zoo night where the players wear animal print jerseys, Star Wars night where you can enjoy clips and music from your favorite Star Wars movies,  Hollywood night, Beach nights…you get the idea.  For a complete list of the season’s promotions, click here.

When planning your summer activities, be sure to include a River Cats game in your line-up.  You’ll have a ball!


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