Wading Pools in Sacramento are a great way to cool off with your toddlers during the summer heat!

Hello Summer…and the great Sacramento heat! If you have been in our wonderful city this past week, then you know what I’m talking about!
Throughout the last month I have been highlighting different “splash parks” in the area and ways to cool off with you kids during these hot summer months. Recently, we decided to check out some local “pools” for something different.
Since I have two little ones ( 2 and 3 year old), I was a bit nervous to go to the pool since they are both a little more independent and brave than I would like around the water! Luckily for us, we have several “wading pools” in the area that are just their size.

Bertha Henschel Park, located at 160 45th Street in East Sacramento is a perfect destination if you have little kids.  A bit hidden in the neighborhood, so it is a little more difficult to find- but well worth the trip!  Tucked away off of busy streets- this quiet park is great for toddlers and preschoolers. The play structure is not so big that you have to worry about losing them in the crowds, yet they have plenty to keep them having fun.

As with most play structures, they have swings, slides, bridges, sandboxes and such. But what makes this playground unique is the “rolling slide”. Basically, a slide that doubles as a back massager- it was fun watching the little inquisitive minds trying to figure how each individual bar kept rolling, while not smashing those tiny fingers!
But of course, the best part of Bertha Henschel is the wading pool. The pool is for ages 7 and under, and at only 12 inches deep, it makes for a fun summer experience for the youngsters.
Siena (my oldest) who has been taking swim lessons thought it was too “baby-ish” for your…but she still had fun splashing through the mushroom shaped waterfall.

The wading pool is open from 12pm-4pm on weekdays and 1pm-5pm on weekends until August 24th. Bertha Henschel has the basic amenities for moms- shade, benches, bathrooms (public of course- so bring your own hand sanitizer) and of most importantly plenty of fun to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Wading pools are such fun for the kids, especially during the Sacramento heat waves. Luckily, we have plenty to choose from- and most of them are FREE, so it makes for the perfect summer outing.
Here is a list of some local kiddie pools if you want to venture out and have some fun splashing with your tots (not all of them are free- but check websites for fees and hours):

Colonial Park– 5315 19th Ave, Sacramento
Land Park– 3800 Land Park Drive, Sacramento
Southside Park– 2115 6th Street, Sacramento
McKinley Park– 601 Alhambra Street, Sacramento

So hopefully you find some ways to stay cool during these hot summer months and have some fun with your kids during the summer break!




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