Splashing away at Morse Park- another way to stay cool during the hot summer months!

Our strange spring-like weather has disappeared and once again we are enjoying the hot Sacramento summer. To continue on our “tour” of the local spray grounds, we recently headed out to Elk Grove to play at Morse Park (5540 Bellaterra Drive).
I had heard many moms raving about how fun this park was-so we had to experience it for ourselves!

The kids were in heaven with the two play structures. They had plenty of climbing opportunities for my two little monkeys – a huge rope spider web, rocks to climb on, a climbing wall, bars to hang and swing on…a preschoolers dream (and a mommies nightmare with visions of trips to the emergency room!).

The spray ground was probably the best I have seen- areas for both younger kids and older kids.. And if you are planning to play with the kids- be prepared to not just get a little wet to “cool off”, but to get REALLY wet!
They have the typical misters and sprayers, but what makes this park unique is the large “hanging barrel” that drops water onto the ground, sprays out and literally soaks everyone! The older kids were having a blast getting drenched, while the littler guys were having fun shooting water from the “Nemo Fish” squirters.

If you are looking for a place to spend the afternoon, this is a good spot, the park will keep the kids entertained and cool for hours. They also have soccer fields, basketball courts, bathrooms and some benches and tables to picnic on.

Morse Park is situated in the middle of a newer residential neighborhood, so unfortunately there is not a whole lot of shade to go around. There are some umbrellas, but I would HIGHLY recommend bringing your own umbrella or set up an EZ-Up for a long afternoon out.
The spray ground is open from May1st-September 30th, 10am- sunset. If you plan on making the trip out to Morse Park- bring along lots of sunscreen, dry clothes and be ready to play hard and have some wet and wild fun!


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