Get Creative at Color Me Mine in Elk Grove or Folsom

Are you looking for an indoor activity to keep your kids busy and out of the heat? Are your kids creative and enjoy painting? If so- then visit Color Me Mine in Elk Grove or Folsom to create a masterpiece.

Color Me Mine is a ceramics studio where you can pick and choose different pieces to paint. Then you choose the colors for your own creation and enjoy painting.

Choose from picture frames, mugs, piggy banks, figurines, plates and more.

The kids chose mugs to paint as gifts for daddy and had fun picking from all the different colors. Obviously, this is not a place for the young toddlers (as there are “breakables” everywhere!). But if you have careful preschoolers and older, then this would be a fun outing.

Once you are finished, they take the pieces and dip it in a clear glaze, fire it in their kilns and in a few days you go back and pick up your art work. It was fun to go back and see the “final project”…and daddy loves his colorful new coffee mug!


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