Fun And Educational Websites For Kids

By Alyssa Green

It’s been a fabulous summer, but if your kids aren’t back in school yet…it’s time, don’t you think?  The beginning of the school year also means that it’s time for them to get their brains back in gear.  It seems that kids nowadays sit in front of a computer or T.V. screen playing mindless games far longer than is good for them (my kids included.)  So, how about introducing them to some educational and fun websites?  Here are a few of my favorite kid friendly sites from some of our local businesses and museums. 

First up is  Trailmix is an educational toy shop in Old Sacramento specializing in fun, nature oriented toys and supplies.  On the home page you can click on “kids activities” and get a whole host of how-to info on bug catching, rock collecting, gardening as well as nature project ideas.  The site also has a wonderful list of hikes in and around Sacramento that are perfect for kids.  If you have a nature lover in your family, this is the site for them.  Just be prepared when they ask to go visit the shop!

The next fantastic site, believe it or not,  is the California Capitol Museum website at  This is perfect for the 4th grader studying California this year.   They have developed a fun way for children to learn interesting facts about California’s history as well as the history of the capitol building itself.  It even has some great resources for parents and teachers. 

In addition, the Capitol Museum “Kids Zone” offers online puzzles, mazes, word searches, memory games, coloring pages and it is all super user friendly.  Go ahead, stick your kids on it and see if they don’t have fun!

Lastly, the Sacramento Zoo website at  From the zoo homepage, click on “Kids World”  where you can learn about all different kinds of animals, both inside and outside of the zoo.  You’ll find some great zoo and animal related project ideas as well as a wonderful kid-friendly blog that keeps everyone updated on what’s happening inside the Sacramento Zoo.

Turn your kids on to these sites, and I guarantee their IQ will increase significantly.  Okay, maybe not.  But they just might learn something new and have fun at the same exact time.  Imagine that!


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