Safetyville Hosts Firefighter Chili Cookoff

By Alyssa Green

Last week my lovely co-author Heather posted an article about Safetyville USA and mentioned some fun events coming up.  Well, we thought that one special event in particular deserved another mention.  So, here it is!

 I bet you didn’t know that October is Fire Safety month. With everything going on in October, I can see how it might get lost among the excitement and preparations for Halloween.  However, fire safety information is SO important  for our kids to know.  Thank goodness for Safetyville!  You can always count on them to help parents out in teaching our kids about safety!

Come on down with the kids on Saturday, October 8th for the 1st Annual Firefighter Chili Cookoff.  From 12pm until 4pm your kids will experience an educational and  fun-filled afternoon with firefighters from all over the region competing for the best chili.  With local celebrity judges, exciting fire demos, interactive events, learning stations, helicopter landing, antique fire display, door prizes, raffles and food your kids are bound to have a great time while not even being aware that they are receiving an education in fire safety.  I love these kinds of events!

Admission prices are $5 per person and FREE for kids 0-8 years old.

For more information on all that Safetyville has to offer, click here.


2 thoughts on “Safetyville Hosts Firefighter Chili Cookoff

  1. That was a nice event! My only complaint would be the “must be present to win” on the raffle, which we didn’t notice till we’d left. You can’t expect the under-8 crowd to hang around all day waiting for a raffle. Nevertheless, I hope they do it again next year, and if they do, we’ll be there!

    • Jan – we are so glad you were able to attend the Firefighter Chili Cookoff! Thank you for informing us about the raffle. ..that’s important info to know when you have toddlers! Have a great Monday –

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