Roseville Theater Arts Academy presents Rapunzel (of the bayou)

By, Heather Crivellone

As you may know from an earlier post, October in Sacramento is actually considered “Artober”- a month full of festivities and events to increase our knowledge of the local arts.

I am a huge fan of the dramatic arts and have been enjoying taking my children to see the local children’s plays at some of our theatres.

Every month, you can find a production that is suitable for children of all ages. Some of my favorite theatres include:

Runaway Stage Productions at the 24th Street Theatre

Sutter Street Theatre in Folsom

B Street Theatre in Midtown

Chautauqua Playhouse in Carmichael

And I have been recently turned on to the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy in Old Roseville.

All of the above theatres have shows that are geared for even the youngest theatre lover (my daughter is in preschool and has been going since she was 2!).

Now showing at the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy is a play for all those young girls out there- Rapunzel (of the bayou)! Now I’m sure if you have a daughter, you have most certainly been tired out of watching, hearing about, playing and doing anything that resembles Rapunzel. We have watched Tangled over and over and over again. I have had to use yarn, paper bags and shirts tied together to make the illustrious long locks for my daughter to pretend to be Rapunzel. We have gone to Rapunzel birthday parties, read the stories and pretty much have tired of this Disney princess- but yet, my daughter still wants to be her for Halloween. Anywho- a bit of a tangent, but yes- we are a Tangled family over here. And, luckily for my daughter this weekend, we get to see the show- live and interpreted in a fun and different way.

The true tale of Rapunzel (of the Bayou) as you have never heard it before. Meet her family, see her skills as a crawfish tracker, and have a good ‘ol time singing to the banjo on the Bayou. And you’ll find out who (or what) really locked Rapunzel up in that tree (yes, I said tree) and how she was rescued by her hero. Alligator wrestling, catfish frys, and good ‘ol down home hospitality. Learn the first rule of the swamp – live off the land and share all you have. Come share this show with our talented (and crazy) cast!

This sounds like a show we won’t want to miss.

Show times are Saturdays at 2:00pm October 8th– November 5th.

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the door.


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