Thanksgiving Turkey Treats Your Kids Will Love To Make And Eat

By Alyssa Green

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and happen to have some kiddos on your guest list, you’ll want something to keep them busy while all the grown-ups are in the kitchen stressing about dinner. 

A few years ago, my Thanksgiving guests included my crafty friend Brittney (abrittwithoutboys) who came up with this fun turkey treat idea for the kids to make…and of course eat.  Although younger children (under 6, maybe?) will need some help, older kids can do this project just fine on their own.  If you are lucky enough to have both, then you can put an older child or two in charge of this project. 

So, while you are stressing about that real turkey not quite being done yet, your smaller and usually more impatient guests will be totally pre-occupied making turkey treats for dessert.  At the end of the day…everyone will be happy and very well fed!


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