Activity Placemat And Crayon Holder Will Keep The Kids Busy While Waiting For Thanksgiving Dinner

By Alyssa Green

As a mom and a preschool teacher I am always looking for fun things for kids to do…hence the addition of kid-friendly project and craft ideas to our blog!  I hope you have enjoyed the ideas we have posted so far.  I’m all for simple, easy projects that you can do with materials found around your  house.

I also like to print things off for my kids, especially when there is a holiday coming up.  This Thanksgiving activity placemat from Disney’s Family fun is a perfect activity to occupy the kids while waiting for dinner to be served.  Add decor to the kids table and keep activity crayons handy with this  Mayflower crayon holder.  This table decoration (or two or three) can easily be put together ahead of time by you, or your kids using just a milk carton, straw, cardstock and paint.  And voila!  Your little Thanksgiving guests are happy!


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