Christmas Tree Farms At Apple Hill

By Alyssa Green

If you have been following our Fall Apple Hill series, you are no doubt aware that the area is a beloved destination for Sacramentans wanting to take a break from the city.  Each fall, farms with fresh produce, yummy apple pies and pastries, and bright orange pumpkins draw crowds aplenty.

What you may not know however, is that from the day after Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, Apple Hill and it’s surrounding areas are packed full of Christmas tree farms.  If you want to cut down your very own live tree this year, this is the place to go.  We have put together a list of kid-friendly tree farms that are welcoming visitors for the holidays.  What a wonderful way to begin celebrating the Christmas season!

Ardencaple Forest Christmas Tree Farm, Placerville – candy canes and picnic areas. 

Crystal Cree Tree Farm, Camino – wooded setting with trout farm.

Deutch Union Mine Pines, El Dorado – Cedar antique farm equipment, gold mining tools, nativity scene and life-size santa.  Open weekends only.

Fudge Factory Farm, Placerville – candy factory, candy making shop, children’s play area. 

Harris Tree Farm, Pollock Pines – picnic area, apple cider, pies and pastries.

Hillside Tree Farm , Camino – FREE apple cider, picnic area, pony rides and FREE train ride with the purchase of a tree.  Please note that the train can only run when the tracks are dry…so if it’s been raining, don’t expect a ride.  Click here for a $10 off coupon for any tree.

Kenny, Harry and Heidi’s Tree Farm, Garden Valley – FREE candy canes, hot chocolate, cider, coffee.  On site pond and life-size wooden train for the kids.  Open weekends only.

Kids Inc., Placerville – Bake shop, picnic area, hot sandwhiches, cider and coffee.  Open weekends only

Marvin Larson Tree Farm, Camino – picnic tables, easy walking trails and apple pie. 

Ponderosa Tree Farm, El Dorado – warm fire, music, refreshments, and gifts. 

Poverty Hill Tree Farm, Placerville – next to Gold Bug Park and Gold Bug Mine.  Open weekends only.

Silver Forest Tree Farm, Somerset – picnic area, easy walking trails, boughs, coffee and “kiddie treats.”


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