Nimbus Fish Hatchery- an educational experience for the kids and a fun/free outing for the family!

 By, Heather Crivellone   

Looking for a fun, free and “non-holiday” event for the family? Then check out the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Rancho Cordova and catch the last few weeks of the famous “Salmon Run”.

With the powerful swish of its tail, a brightly colored salmon jumps more than 20 steps – one at a time – to the top of theNimbus Fish Hatchery ladder as the annual migration takes place each fall.

Each fall, families gather to the hatchery to experience this natural wonder. November through the first part of December you can witness the events that are vital to the survival of salmon and steelhead in the lower American River.

The Nimbus Fish Hatchery is open year round, even though the fish ladder is quiet during other times of the year, there are hands on activities for families and educational opportunities throughout the year.  My children especially love feeding the fish in the “nursery” tanks and viewing the exhibits in the visitors center.
With the beautiful fall weather, this is a perfect time to visit the hatchery and let your children learn about the life cycles of fish and how we impact their development.

Also, the American River Bike Trail runs adjacent to the hatchery- so, bring along your bikes or just go for a stroll along the River trail. Bring a picnic and a sweater and enjoy the Sacramento Fall at it’s finest!



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