Celebrate Kwanzaa at the Crocker Art Museum’s Free Family Festival

By Alyssa Green

I know we have inundated all of you with Christmas festivities (there is just so much going on!) but if you also celebrate Kwanzaa (or even if you don’t) you won’t want to miss the Crocker Art Museum’s Kwanzaa Family Festival on Monday December 26th.

Kwanzaa was created in 1966 as a means to bring African-Americans together as a community.  Celebrating the family, community and cultural traditions of the African Diaspora, Kwanzaa (which mean “first fruits of the harvest”) combines harvest festivals of several African peoples such as the Ashanti and Zulu.  15 million people worldwide now celebrate the 7-day festival.

Open from 10am to 5pm, admission to the Crocker Art Museum is FREE all day on December 26th, courtesy of Target!  The Kwanzaa festival, which begins at 12pm celebrates the museum’s collection of African art, not only through it’s permanent collection but also through music and dance performances.  Visitors will also enjoy an arts and crafts marketplace, a hands-on workshop and more. 

Remember, this is a family festival…so bring the kids!  If you would like to prepare your kids ahead of time with a little bit of Kwanzaa history, click here for a wonderful mini-lesson on the meaning and importance of the holiday.


One thought on “Celebrate Kwanzaa at the Crocker Art Museum’s Free Family Festival

  1. Kwanzaa at the Crocker Museum is a wonderful addition to share education of our “California Grown” holiday. Just as the Crocker family orginally assisted people of African descent in Gold Rush California, today an authentic story of the “first fruits of the harvest.” is available.


    All cultures can share in the principles of Kwanzaa, people of African descent have a deeper responsibility to remember our unique journey here in the Capitol of the Great State of California.

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