Jumping, Bouncing and Climbing….there is always something fun to do in Sacramento- no matter what the weather brings us!

By Heather Crivellone

As the weather starts to cool down, we try to find ways to entertain our kids indoors.  Luckily for us here in Sacramento, the rainy and cold season isn’t very long and we have plenty of options to keep our kids entertained, engaged and active.  We can choose from museums (California Railroad, Automobile, Sacramento Children’s museum to name a few), Art museums and exploration (Crocker Art Museum, Art Beast,  Recreate).  Or if your kids are like mine and have more energy than they can burn- an indoor play facility (and I’m not talking about McDonalds) is what you need!

We have plenty to choose from- anything from complete jumping adventures like Sky High Sports (an indoor trampoline center), to bounce houses and indoor play structures that are completely soft and made for the youngest of children.  There is something for every age and ability!

Recently, I took my kids to Laguna’s Awesome Party Palace for an afternoon of fun.  It was a combination of a mini- arcade and bounce house in one.  My daughter who is fearless and can bounce (literally) non-stop had fun jumping from bounce house to bounce house (there were four different inflatable jumping areas).  My son on the other hand was more interested in air-hockey, slides and the video games (typical boy).  But for the $7 admission, both had a fun day of entertainment and they weren’t at home, jumping on my couch and driving me- well insane with the “winter blues”.

Laguna’s Awesome Party Palace is located in Elk Grove- about 20 minutes outside of downtown Sacramento.  As with most of the indoor bounce facilities, they don’t allow outside food or drink, but do offer a wide selection of snacks at reasonable prices.  Socks are required- so don’t forget to pack an extra pair!  They are open Monday and Wednesday 9am-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday 9am-6pm.  Call for weekend times since they host private parties.

Now, if the bounce house is a bit to overwhelming for your child – then Funtastic (located in Elk Grove and Natomas) is a wonderful option.  The entire play area is made of soft foam blocks to climb on, roll over and just play around.  They have climbing rope structures, slides and mazes to climb through- a great place for your little monkey to burn some energy.  Plus, they have coffee and free WiFi for us moms to sit back and get a little “quiet time” in… a perfect way to spend a cold winter morning!  Admission into Funtastic is $8 and they are open Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm.  Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-11:30 is Toddler Time,  only those children who are pre-walkers to 4 years old will be admitted.  This is wonderful for those of us who have young children- so you won’t have to worry they will be “ran over” by the “older kids”.

Another great place to take your kids on a cold day is Wacky Tacky–  This indoor playground has everything to keep your kids entertained for hours (and it also has free WiFi for the parents), you will be ensured a quiet evening since the kiddos will be asleep early after a day here!

The soft playground has climbing areas, obstacle-like courses, soft “shooting” balls and slides to keep them running, crawling and climbing for hours.   The kids love the fast slide…but as a mom, I would rather just sit back and watch them zip down it, since I’m not quite as fearless as they are!

Kids of all ages are welcome (they even have a soft play area for toddlers).  My “toddler” likes to play amongst the “big” kids though… so, be prepared if you have little ones- you may be climbing through the mazes yourself to keep an eye on them!

Price is $7 for children over the age of 2 and they are open 7 days a week.  Check their website for “Open Play” times, since this is a great place to host birthday parties- you don’t want to show up when it’s reserved:

I hope this list gives you and your family some ideas of things to do with your little ones when the weather just doesn’t cooperate.  It’s always good to keep our children active- and it’s even better when they burn enough energy to take an “extra long” nap in the afternoon….so  happy bouncing to you and your kids!



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