Help The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Win A $10,000 Makeover Courtesy Of IKEA

We love the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary…and we love IKEA!  Show your support by texting your vote to help the Folsom Zoo win a $10,000 makeover.

“The IKEA Life Improvement Challenge is a contest that gives IKEA co-workers an opportunity to come together and improve the lives of others through the planning, proposal and execution of a community project. Last year, five stores received a $10,000 allowance for these projects. This year, every IKEA store will receive a $10,000 allowance for a community project.

Together with Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary staff, co-workers from the IKEA store in West Sacramento submitted a proposal to makeover the Log Cabin Classroom, and also to provide interactive signage on Zoo Sanctuary pathways. IKEA accepted this proposal and we are pleased to announce the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary will be one of three contestants competing to win the $10,000. The project that receives the highest number of text votes will be declared the winner.”

Click here for more information.


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