Local Runs and Walks in the Sacramento Area

By Heather Crivellone

Sacramento may be considered a runners dream. Everywhere you go- whether it’s the parks downtown, along the scenic river trails, up in the mountainous hills, or just alongside the suburban sidewalks- you will see runners everywhere.
It may be our climate, the terrain or just the scenery- but, it seems as if Sacramento is a place where you can just lace up your shoes…and run!

I wish I could say that I had the same desire and motivation as some of my friends… but, I just don’t. I love to take advantage of our trails for hiking and biking, and an occasional jog- but, I just haven’t caught the “running bug” yet. It’s too bad for me, since we seem to have so many running events in our community. And if you happen to be a runner, walker or just in the areas and want to avoid the traffic- check out the newest feature of our page and see our “Local Runs and Walks” section (under the “Health and Fitness” Tab).
I will be updating the page with local events that will take place and you can choose to either join in (or avoid the area completely).

Who knows- I may get inspired to join in on a few.
Happy Trails!


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