Book And Music CD Giveaway: The Return Of Phineas McBoof

By Alyssa Green

Earlier this month we celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday and kicked off Read Across America 2012.  As an incentive to continue to encourage your kids to read, we have a fun children’s book and music CD to give away to one lucky reader!

If you haven’t heard of Doctor Noize and his famous Phineas Mcboof character, your kids most likely have.  The guitar playing monkey started a band in first, a music CD The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, followed by the book of the same name.  Together with a robot, a hippo, four monsters and one eight-armed drummer girl wizard, Phineas McBoof and his International Band of Misundertood Geniuses hit the road on a musical tour. 

The band’s most famous song is “Banana,” which, within two months of it’s release, made it to #1 on XM Sirius Kids Radio and won several Parent’s Choice awards.  Surprisingly, this song consists of just that one word…banana…sung over and over again.  Now, you would think that this would absolutely drive parents crazy, but really it’s quite catchy.  And kids absolutely go crazy for it! 

Although “Banana” is near the top of my son’s list of favorites, the song that tops his list is “My Parents Think Their Very Important.”  This is a rolling-on-the-floor-laughing song…at least according to my 8 year old. He loves to sing this to us.  We actually think it’s pretty funny, too!

Now the famous monkey and his band are back with The Return of Phineas McBoof with all of the favorite old friends, as well as some new ones.  And we are offering the book and music cd to you.  Here’s what you need to do to eligible to win.  Visit Dr. Noize’s website, then come back here and tell us why your kids would enjoy owning this new book and cd.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected on Monday, March 19th, 2012. 

Oh, and if you are interested in seeing Dr. Noize in person, he’ll be playing at the Bay Area Discovery Museum on March 31st.  Tickets can be purchased online at their website.  Hopefully, Dr. Noize will make it to Sacramento in the future, and if and when he does, you better believe I’ll be letting you know!


5 thoughts on “Book And Music CD Giveaway: The Return Of Phineas McBoof

  1. Coming from a background in Music, having grandparents who were musicians and teachers and a great grandfather who’s students wrote the musical “The Music Man” for him has enstilled a great love for music in our family. We moved here from Wisconsin a few months ago and are deepy saddened by the lack of music education in the schools. My daughter is in Kindergarten and we have been trying to find alternative methods to teach music in an area where there is very little music appreciation. My daughter would LOVE to own this album and she’s learning to read making the book an added bonus for her.

    • Congratulations Karen Hempel! You have won the Phineus McBoof book and CD. Please email us to claim your prize. Thanks!


  2. My son would love to sing and dance to this album. He would also love it because of Phineas McBoof is a monkey. We also love octopus, and robots. We love read-a-long books. Hope we win…. 🙂

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