April Library Round-Up

As always, our Sacramento Public Library system has some wonderful events happening  in April for kids and families.  This month you’ll find celebrations for Spring, Easter, Earth Day and Dia de los ninos/Dia de los libros (Kids Day/Book Day)  with plenty of music, art and crafts.  Check with your local Sacramento library for more fun events. 

4/4 – Live Action Candy Land Game.  Family Program – We’ll be creating a life-sized Candyland game right here in the library. Kids are the playing pieces and will work in teams to win. There will be prizes for the winners and lots of fun! 2-4pm, Belle Cooledge.

4/5  – Spring Crafts.  School-age program – Chicks and bunnies abound in this most festive season. Plant a seed, color an egg, and make lovely paper flowers to welcome the season of growth.  3-4pm at McKinley.

4/12 –  Alligators, Snakes and maybe a Kangaroo with Wild Things, inc.  School-Age Program –  Don’t miss this opportunity to see live animals–some rare and endangered species–at this fun and educational free event.  4-5pm at North Highlands-Antelope.

4/12 – Melted Crayon Art.  Teen Program – Remember playing with crayons when you were little? Wish you could still create artful masterpieces with all those vibrant colors? Join us for an afternoon of using old crayons and hairdryers to make beautiful designs you’ll be proud to show off. Materials, and snacks, will be provided.  2:30-4:30pm at Arden-Dimick.

4/14 – Kite Making.   Family Program – Come celebrate National Kite Month with Artworks and make your own kite to take home.  2-3pm at Sylvan Oaks.

4/14 –  Magnetic Poetry.  School-Age Program –  Make your own magnetic poetry set with magnetic tape and words cut out from magazines, to celebrate National Poetry Month!  2-3pm at Rancho Cordova.

4/14 – Rock ArtSchool-Age Program –  Create a pet rock. Make a prop to hold your book open while you read. Design a paperweight. We will be using acrylic paint, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing.  2-3pm at North Natomas.

4/21 – Music Circle with Felipe Ferraz.  Family Program –  Join award-winning teacher and musician Felipe Ferraz in this lively family music program. Enjoy folk songs in a variety of languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew and others in celebration of Dia de los ninos/Dia de los libros.  11-12pm at Pocket- Greenhaven.

4/24 – Dirt Can’t HurtFamily Program –  Celebrate Earth Day and learn how to make things grow!  4-5:45pm at North Sacramento-Hagginwood.

4/28 – My Colors, My World/Mi Colored, Mi Mundo with Art Beast Studio.  Family Program –  Celebrate El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day)at your library. Using the book “My Colors, My World/Mi Colores,Mi Mundo” by Christina Gonzales as inspiration, create small paintings featuring your favorite colors with watercolor and oil pastel. The paintings will be bound into your own book with a clever stick and elastic binding.  11:30-12:30pm at Arcade.


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