Summer is here and there are many FREE ways to keep “cool” during the hot summer months

By Heather Crivellone

It’s that glorious time of year- the kids are just about out of school for summer break, the Sacramento weather is  heating up and the air conditioning units are working at full speed.
There are many ways to keep cool during the hot summer months, but my favorite is splashing around with the kids at one our many local spray grounds.  Not only is this cheap (free) entertainment, but it keeps our kids active and busy having fun during those “dog days” of summer.

Each week I will highlight one of the local water play areas that you can visit with your kids.  Some may be a free, public playground, while others may be a small charge to enter.  Either way, I will keep everyone posted with the best places to keep cool at   during the hot summer days here in Sacramento.

Some of those spray parks are located in the heart of downtown, in West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin and the surrounding areas.  I’m looking forward to visiting some of our favorites and checking out some new places with my kids.  Stay tuned and my kids are I will show you the best places here to stay cool this summer!


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