First stop in this summers “Water Park” tour is at Bridgeway Island Spray Park in West Sacramento…

By Heather Crivellone

The weather has been amazing here in Sacramento… more spring-like than the hot summer temps we typically see this time of year.  However, as I promised in a previous post, I will be visiting the local spray grounds with my kids to find the best places to keep cool at when the temps start rising.

Recently, one of our neighborhood parks opened up for water fun, just in time for school to get out of session and let the kids run wild!   Bridgeway Lakes Park in West Sacramento is a fun afternoon destination to escape from the crowds of the larger water parks and to get some water play in.

Located at 3650 Southport Parkway in West Sacramento, this park has plenty of  sprayers to keep you cool and the kids giggling and having fun all afternoon. They can get drenched under the falling pails of water, run through the misters and spray with the water guns. Kids of all ages- from toddlers to adults, will have fun here.

The park is next to a man-made lake and boathouse, so they can always take a stroll near the lake and watch the ducks float by (a favorite for most kids). They also have a climbing structure for the older kid to play on. However, if you are looking for the full “park setting” (swings, slides, etc.) this they do not have. However, the climbing structure, large field to play sports on and the spray park should be enough to keep the kids entertained for the day.
Restrooms are available and they do have picnic tables and BBQ’s to use.

So for a fun day to play in the water with the kids- this is worth the short drive out of downtown Sacramento. I would suggest bringing a picnic (or stopping at the Nugget Market on Jefferson Blvd. for a yummy Panini Sandwich and salad to take with you), bringing lots of sun block and a ball of some sort to kick around the field- you won’t go wrong with the fun your kids will have here.


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