Last stop in our “Spray Ground” tour is to Stephenson Family Park in Elk Grove

By Heather Crivellone

Summer may be just about over and the kids are back to school, but it’s still scorching hot outside!  We are still trying to find ways to “keep cool” in the Sacramento heat, and our last stop in our spray ground tour was to Stephenson Family Park in Elk Grove.

This park was the perfect size for my kids- had enough play structure toys to keep them busy and plenty of water spraying to keep them cool!  What was unique about this park is that it takes on an Egyptian theme throughout the playgrounds.  From hieroglyphics on the structures to a pyramid in the sand play areas, the kids can feel like they have been transported back to Egypt and playing along side of King Tut.  The center of the spray ground even had an oversized King Cobra snake “spitting” water out onto us while we played!
My daughter had a great time climbing all of the structures- especially a large “spider web” with unique chairs that she sat and spun around in.  But her favorite was a skateboard-type of balancing structure that I literally had to drag her off (mostly because I knew she would eventually break some sort of body part…but to a five year old it was the “coolest” thing she had ever played on!).

The park is situated in a residential neighborhood with a large field to play sports on.  Amenities include bathrooms, picnic tables, a shaded picnic area, baseball diamond, two playgrounds and the spray area.
Since this is in a newer neighborhood, the trees don’t give off quite as much shade as a mom would like on these 100+ degree days.  So if you plan on visiting Stephenson Family park, make sure to bring your sun block and an umbrella or tent if you plan to stay the day.  I can guarantee the kids won’t want to leave- so pack up and have some fun splashing and playing on these last few days of summer!


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