3 Easy Halloween Projects To Make With Your Kids

By Alyssa Green

1.  Pom Pom Pumpkin Patch – is this not the cutest project ever?  Celebrate fall by making a sweet little pumpkin patch with (or without) your kids.  All you need is green felt (and a bit of brown,) orange pompoms, green pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue.

Show your kids this photo, give them the supplies and I bet you’ll have some quiet time in the house today!

2. Skeletoni Picture – made of different varieties of pasta, your kids will have a fun time putting together this skeleton picture.  You’ll need black-eyed peas (for eyes), sheets of sturdy paper (black,) tacky glue and different varieties of pasta. This skeletoni is made of rotelle, mini and standard elbow macaroni, ditalini, mini and small shells, narrow rigatoni, and orzo.

3. Paper Plate Spider Web – this project should keep your kids busy for a while as they thread the yarn in and out of the holes to make a web!  There is no right or wrong way to do it, so once you get your kids started, they’ll have loads of fun.  Here’s what you will need: paper plate, black paint, hole punch, and black yarn.  For the spider, take a black pom pom, glue on some googly eyes, add black pipe cleaner for legs and thread into the web of yarn.  Ta-da!  Makes a great halloween “wreath” for you front door.


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