Busy Kidz in Folsom will keep your kids busy on these cold and rainy days!

By Heather Crivellone

The winter weather is officially here , and what are you going to do to help burn the energy festering in your little ones???  Busy Kidz has your answer- and they are finally open!

Busy Kidz in Folsom is an indoor play city (in miniature) designed to encourage children ages 10 and under to explore the most beloved part of childhood:  PRETEND PLAY!”
Each building in the pretend city has a certain theme- restaurant, supermarket, doctors office, library, school, etc.  Kids can literally play all day at this unique play house.

I took my kids (ages 3 and 5) to this “pretend city” and we played for hours and hours!  My daughter had fun pretending to be a “princess mail-woman” and delivered mail to each of the buildings.  My son was busy creating the perfect “pizza pie” at his “restaurant” and riding a tricycle (wearing a superhero costume) throughout the city.
Between the karaoke machine, “washing” baby clothes and “teaching school”, this place was a hit among my kids!

And for the parents- they have a separate sitting area with Free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea.  They also have a collection of books, magazines and board games. to also keep you entertained while the kids are playing.

Busy Kidz is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-6pm (Closed Tuesday), Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm.
They are located at 118 Woodmere Rd in Folsom (close to the Folsom Outlets if you are looking to do some holiday shopping).
Admission in $10 for children 18months and older and siblings are $8 for unlimited play.
They also host birthday parties and field trips (call for more information).

So if you are looking for a place to take your little ones (especially on theses cold and rainy days), then check out Busy Kidz-  you are and your kids will have fun playing the day away!


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