ReCreate in Roseville- where your kids can make truly unique holiday gifts.

By Heather Crivellone

“Reuse, Recycle, Recreate”- that is the mantra of a local eco-friendly art studio in Roseville. We had the opportunity to visit ReCreate and we all had an absolute blast!

As the saying goes, “One persons trash is another persons treasure”, well this is definitely the truth when it comes to this studio!

Recreate collects all sorts of interesting (yet unwanted) usable materials from local businesses and provides them for environmental lessons, and uses them to create works of art.

ReCreate is located at 8417 Washington Blvd. in Roseville.  As you enter the studio, you will find bins after bins full of reusable “things”. Everything from wine corks, electrical wire, bubble wrap, toilet paper rolls, coffee cans, etc. etc. Things we would normally just “toss” into the recycling bin, they put it back to use!

You and your child’s imagination can go wild here. Creating anything you can imagine with the use of a hot glue gun (yes- they have hot glue… it’s up high for the adults, but beware- it is available for those “reaching hands”).

They do offer Art classes and parties (check their website), for those who would like a little more structure. However, for me and the kids we opted to try their “Drop in crafting”. For only $6/ crafter per hour, we had full run (basically) of the studio. You can also choose to purchase additional items for your creation (at a nominal price).

At first I was a bit intimidated, not knowing what to do and make. However, the staff was extremely helpful and they had so many examples throughout the studio that it really gave us some inspiration to start creating.

I was impressed as my daughter Siena (5) stayed so focused on her picture frame she decorated with buttons and “shiny” tape. Lucca (my little 3 year old) had fun coloring and was excited over the “choo choo” train that I helped him make out of wine corks and wooden blocks (he was actually still playing with that train this morning).

Luckily, they do have crayons and paper for the younger ones, but if your child enjoys art and using their imagination (who doesn’t?) then you will have a blast creating something unique with them.

The best thing about ReCreate is that not only is it a drop-in art studio, but they are helping local businesses to create less waste and teaching our children the concept of recycling and reusing. A teachable moment that goes far beyond the crafts they make in the studio.

And for a truly unique gift this Christmas,  drop in for one of thier Gift Making Workshops for kids.  These will be held on December 7 and 14.    Drop the kids off at the studio while you hit the malls and finish up (or start) your Christmas shopping. These sessions are $39/ child and they will create a unique, one-of a kind gift for someone special. Check out thier website for more information.


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