New Sacramento Cityscape Play Table at the Sacramento Children’s Museum

If you haven’t been to the Sacramento Children’s Museum recently, you’ll want to add it to your calendar, especially with summer just a few weeks away.  SCM has added two new exhibits to their already fun line-up.  In the popular Waterways, your kids will find a new life-size “boat” for some good pretend play.

Waterways Collage 1

And the new highlight of the museum is City Ways – a Sacramento cityscape play table complete with the California State Capitol, the Tower Bridge, the Sacramento and American Rivers, trains, and more.  Your kids can follow instructions to build the capitol building out of blocks, or use their imagination to create their own Sacramento buildings.  At SCM, there are no limits to your child’s imagination

Cityscapes Collage 1

And don’t forget about the museum’s other popular exhibits – Raceways, Airways, the art studio and more.  Click here for more information on the Sacramento Children’s Museum. 


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