Kids & parents alike will love Sacramento Theatre Company’s “A Little Princess”

One of our reader’s was a special guest this past weekend at the opening of the Sacramento Theatre Company’s A Little Princess. The musical runs through May 19th. Take a look!'s Blog

This play was a Mommy/Daughter date with my 10 year old which almost didn’t happen. After much discussion that we should “Do this together,” “You will enjoy it,” “You need to be exposed to some culture,” and “I took your older sister when she was five and she enjoyed it,” I finally convinced my daughter Rachel to attend the opening night of, A Little Princess, a world premiere musical currently on stage at Sacramento Theatre Company.

Rachel had read the book, knew Sara Crewe’s father dies, and didn’t want to re-experience that tragedy, but, by the opening line of the play, she was hooked. It was funny and I heard her giggle as Ram Das introduces the story. When intermission came, Rachel told me with a big smile, “Mommy, I’m glad you made me come.”

The humor in the musical is at a level that will make…

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