The California State Fair Rolls Into Town This Week and We Have Family Fun Packs to Give Away!

By Alyssa Green

It’s State FFerris Wheel 2 - Lisa Nair time again!  Are you excited?  We are.  We love the California State Fair and all it has to offer.  Whether it’s the rides that attract you, the exhibits, the concerts, the food or simply the people watching, there’s somethings for everyone and this year is no exception.  In fact, the folks at the fair want to hear about your favorite State Fair memories.  If you’ve got great experiences with photos to share, you can do so here , and you just might be featured in this year’s State Fair advertising campaign.

And if that isn’t enough, we have two Family Fun Packs to give away to a couple of our lucky readers.  To be eligible, just leave a comment tellings us about your favorite state fair memory.  A random drawing will be held on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

Here’s the details:

What:  California State Fair

When:  Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 28

Where:  Cal Expo, 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento

State Fair collage 1

Family-Friendly Exhibits & Activities:

5th Dimension Experience – Looking for a new thrill?  Check out the eye-boggling 5th dimension Experience.  Amazing 3-D cinema, lasers and sound that touch all your senses.

Wild Science – Take an amazing excursion into the  world of knowledge with Wild Science, a captivating collection of interactive displays and activities that teaches kids all about the wonders of science and technology.  Don’t miss the all-new Mind Works, a collection of puzzles and giant classic games that will tease and challenge minds of any age.

Hall of Heroes – Experience your favorite superheroes and discover your own superhero powers in the interactive Hall of Heroes exhibit.  Visit with costumed characters, get your picture taken in the Batmobile and more.

Jewels of the Jungle – “Jewels of the Jungle” is an exciting way to experience the natural beauty of the Amazon Jungle.  Immerse yourself in the lush environment of the floriculture exhibit and take in picturesque waterfalls with pristine surroundings including the wildlife that call the Amazon home.

The Farm – The centerpiece of the State Fair agricultural programs is the Merrill Award Living Exhibit known as “The Farm”.  There 2011-2012 424are plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy here at The Farm, including this year’s new Urban Farming which will allow the public to learn and see ways in which they can join the food movement by growing their own fruits and vegetables.

California Forest Center – Our Forest Center features more than 100 trees representing 40 of our native California species! Some of the trees reaching heights up to 100 feet tall! With our stream, shaded gazebo and redwood deck, the Forest Center is place for you to rest and enjoy the natural beauty.

Kids Park – Located on the east side of the fairgrounds. Butler Amusements is happy to provide kid-friendly games and rides.


General                  $12

Senior (62+)           $10

Youth (5-12)           $8

Child (0-4)              FREE

Parking                    $10

Ride Wristband      $28 (unlimited)


Family Fun Pack    $44.95 (includes 4 admission tickets, 4 monorail tickets and 1 parking pass)

Season Pass            $29.99 (includes unlimited monorail rides & admission to Raging Waters)

Wells Fargo Kids Days – Kids 12 and under get FREE admission on each Tuesday of the fair.  In addition, all rides are just $1.

Read to Ride – The State Fair and Butler Amusements encourages children to read daily! The Read to Ride program is for children grades K-8 who read two books in exchange for two FREE ride vouchers.  This book report form can be found at any Sacramento Library, or downloaded here!   During fair time, children are required to fill out the form and bring it to our Guest Services office, located inside the Main Gate.


51 thoughts on “The California State Fair Rolls Into Town This Week and We Have Family Fun Packs to Give Away!

  1. I love the California State Fair. It’s something to do with your family and have a wonderful time. I remember as a kid getting their famous corn dogs! I love them things! Can’t forget tge ice cold lemonade. My favorite ride used to be the swings! Just love the atmosphere. I would love for my family to go this year. We didn’t get a chance to make it last year due to car problems. Well hope to see the fabulous fair this year! 🙂

  2. My most cherished memory of the fair was a couple years ago when I went with my family. It has been our tradition for the last six years or so but that time was unforgettable because I went in to use the restroom and left my purse in one of the bathroom stalls. I had about $100 cash including debit and credit cards. By the time I realized I did not have my purse, I ran back to the ladies’ room only to find it had vanished. I walked out in disbelief, probably shocked and my mom encouraged me to check the lost and found. My mom pushed me to the lost and found and sure enough, I got my purse back with ALL items in it. God bless the person/s who returned it. I will never forget that moment. A new sense of hope and love for the people attending the fair was born that day.

  3. I have so many great memories of the California State Fair though the years. One from childhood was riding the old, classic log ride. Everyone would wait in a long, long line for the opportunity to get refreshingly showered with water from the two turns arounds you got on hot August days.

  4. My favorite fair memory was when my husband and I took our 2year old daughter to see the animals… She loved the petting zoo, and was amazed how big the pigs were 🙂

  5. Every year my dad would take the family to the fair. We spent most of the time with the indoor exhibits so we could stay cool. There were some rides, always the monorail. Of course there was the animals and nursery. Oh! And the corn dogs!! They were the best. Last year my husband and I took our first grandson and did all of the same things I did as a kid.

  6. My favorite fair memory is the time I took my son Jackson and it was just the two of us. We did everything he wanted to do and had wonderful fair food for dinner. It was so much fun hanging with my boy. Reminded me of why I love the fair! (He even won me a stuffed animal. So sweet!)

  7. In Jr. High and High school I was one of the lucky kids on the ‘State Fair Task Force’ through 4-H. We helped with judging exhibits and volunteering as helpers in the Jr. Exhibits building throughout the fair. The best was the days were we sat next to the baked goods judges while they tasted all of the entries… and then helped them “clean up”. That volunteer experience led to a real job working at the fair running the Jr. Exhibits building and then working for the Kids Park at Sac County Fair for many years.
    Love the fair. And now love taking my kids there!

  8. I love taking my kids to the fair and watching them explore…so much to do and see at the fair! Favorite memories include watching my four-year-old milk a goat, watching my daughter rocking out on the guitar, and trying a new “fair” food every year!

  9. My favorite memory was when I brought my East coast city cousin to the state fair. Everything was so new and “different” for her. I’ll remember all her expressions and comments about the experience!

  10. As a kid at the old fair grounds on Stockton Blvd, I remember going to the Avis rent-a-car display every year to collect their “We Try Harder” buttons that were in different languages. These were pressed out of metal with a thin metal tab at the top that you bent over your pocket to hold it in place. Each year I would increase the size of my collection by looking for buttons in a language I didn’t already have. I wish I still had my collection,

  11. Two of my favorite state fair memories go along with my oldest daughter now 6. One was when the dinosaurs came to visit. My daughter was ecstatic. “Mom! Look! Look!” The other one was When she milked a cow and made butter. My most memorable state fair memory was when I was a tween somewhere around 1992-1995. I got on my first upside down fair ride. I was terrified but excited. Took us three trips around before we could get our car upright to get out. Lol

  12. When I moved up to Sacramento as a 10 year old kid with my parents and brothers, we have been going to the fair every summer. Now, as a 30 year old, I still find one day to go with my Mom and Dad and enjoy the fair. They still share in my love of eating my annual fair foods (giant pickle, funnel cake and snow-cone) and enjoying the sights and sounds of the fair and getting to take a photo with Poppy the State Fair mascot. Getting to spend time with my parents like I did as a kid will always be memorable to me. I can’t wait to one day have the same experience with my children as I do with my parents!

  13. I have went to the California State Fair since I was a little girl starting back in 1972. It was always a fun family event that we looked forward to every year and we always knew it was going to be so much fun. I know carry on the same tradition with my kids. Our favorite thing was to ride the boat ride, see all the farm animals, and of course to eat that good ol corndog and cotton candy!! The State Fair ROCKS!!

  14. I have been going to the fair every year of my life & now i get to take my daughter! I love the rides & the new foods they bring every year!

  15. Our favorite memory was just 3 years ago… It was over 100 degrees and we were starting to suffer with our 4 year old and 6 month old. We decided to wander into the wine garden to seek some shade and a snack. Our youngest fell asleep so we grabbed a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly, got a cheese plate, and relaxed with our 4 year old- she had some apple juice in a glass- and had the best 3 hours… Running into a ton of old friends, it was relaxing and felt like we were in Europe!

  16. I live in sacramento so i go to the state fair almost every year. Each year gets better with new attractions. One of my most memorable times at the fair was about 10 years ago i was 12 and my parents let me and my friend walk around on our own. It was great, we each won some gold fish.we named them jeff and greg. That was a good time.

  17. My favorite memory of the state fair was a few years ago, when I FINALLY got my husband who is TERRIFIED of fast moving rides, to go onto the spinning ride that goes high up in the air and circles back down, his face was PRICELESS! That’s true love. ❤

  18. My favorite memory of the State Fair is the Gardening Exhibit. It is my favorite area to go explore and learn about plants and the environment. It is also a great place to take my nephews so they too can learn about the benefits of having a backyard garden. The staff is also very helpful.

  19. Being pregnant last year during the fair and getting to try all the delicious foods the State Fair had to offer. I’d love to take my now 7 month old son to the fair to let him see the animals and win a stuffed animal or two for him. Thanks!!

  20. I always enjoy going to the exhibit halls and seeing the artwork, crafts and designs made by the high school students and folks through out CA. But, my best memory was the Rock-n-Roll exhibit a couple years back. Also, the tribute to the 9/11 victims.

  21. My favorite memory is seeing my sister get picked to go onstage for the hypnotist’s show and end up dancing like Britney Spears. Classic! Good thing it’s on tape still…

  22. My favorite fair memory is always taking a picture with the golden bear! We have done this since I was a toddler.

  23. My favorite memory was taking my kids to the overnight camp in the farm section. The first year we were awakened by a pig giving birth and the wonder in the kids’ eyes was priceless! The next year a cow was having a difficult birth, and there was only one UCD vet student there and I got to help in pulling the calf out!
    It was a great program and my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  24. my mom has always been a HUGE State Fair fanatic.. primarily, the farm and nursery animal exhibits. A couple years back there were some sting-rays that you could pet, and she was giggling like a giddy school girl petting these rays! I love attending the fair with my mom and dad and would love to treat them this year with the family fun pack 🙂

  25. My favorite memory was last year at the state fair when just me and my hubby went on a Friday..I was 9 months pregnant and determined to get that baby out by walking around and eating all the food the fair has to offer. We looked at all of the exhibits and the livestock, took our time and just soaked it all up (my husband an I LOVE the fair). At the end we tested out the temperpedic bed and made a promise to come back this year and purchase it! Later that night I went into labor and got to meet my precious baby boy 🙂

  26. What the fair means to me is that it is family day because we have a big family and it hard to get together. But for the fair we make it happen and we have loads of fun!! The animals are fun for the kids and so is the rides. Us adults love the food and the shopping!!

  27. One of my favorite memories is playing in the big water fountain as a kid before it was gated off. We used to go there to cool off before we hit the rides again!

  28. Born and raised in Sacramento, passed the California State Fair Tradition to my kids 🙂 Bringing my first grandson to get him started as well! Love it! 🙂

  29. Awesome fair fun with family and friends, best memory was taking the the time to volunteer to take a senior citizen for a day. wheeled her around the fine arts building and had a nice lunch. I hope she is doing well!

  30. My favorite memory of the state fair is going with my parents as a child and watching my dad get excited to have a Country Fair Cinnamon Roll. It was his tradition to get one, and now as an adult I have kept to that tradition and do the same. Every year that I bite into a “Gold Winning” gooey rolled gem it’s nostalgic!

  31. My favorite fair memory is of me and my best friend from high school 20 yrs ago riding on this one ride that would twist and turn on a track. We laughed so much on that ride. I think we might have gone on it 5 more times. I still laugh when I think of that memory. It feels like it was only yesterday that it happened.

  32. My grandparents used to take my sister and I, and our cousins, every year growing up in the 70s. We would look at all the exhibits, the counties building, ride the monorail and play in the fountain. I always think of them when I walk through those front gates.

  33. Last year the fire truck was my son’s favorite. I’m looking forward to see what his favorite will be this year. My guess is the Hall of Heroes.

  34. I used to remember the fair by my birthday every year and celebrate by going, as opening day used to fall on or around my birthday every year on August 16th. Now, with the fair coming earlier, I need new reminders. It’s also time to start new traditions with my 3 & 4 year old girls.

  35. I used to take my children to California State Fair. Now my children are adults and I would love to go with them.!

  36. We enjoy the fair…we have a routine… Visit the exhibits, than check out the midway, eat, play some game, ride some rides , then the retailers. It makes for a great day and tones of fun!

  37. I remember going on junior bumper cars shaped like circus animals at the state fair circa 1980. My mom told us not to bump my youngest sister who was 5 so she took advantage and bumped the two of us constantly and we all loved it.

  38. Our family has never been to the CA State Fair. We’d love the opportunity to take our 2 and 5 year old. Maybe this time we’ll be lucky and win? Then we’ll have some favorite memories we can share. :0)

  39. The tech exhibits, the animals, the food, and best of all a fun day out with the family. Seeing art, photo, and animal exhibits of family members or friends was also pretty special.

  40. When I was young I went to the fair with my girlfriends and we were hanging out (met up with) some guys and we almost got caught by my friends dad who was at the fair. Quick thinking we jumped on a flippy ride (not a fan of scary rides), to sneak away. Long story short…..we ended up on Sac Bee’s front page sitting next to the guys we were not suppose to be hanging out with. LoL…..we thought we were sneaky and her dad is a religious SacBee reader. Fun times!

  41. It would be nice to “refresh” our memories! The last time we went to the fair was the summer we moved to Sacramento(2004). Our youngest was a yr. and a half but is now ten.
    I remember having a good time watching the kids get on rides.

  42. My fav memories are going to the demolition derby each year as a family. It is so much fun!! Plus another is when I was 8 I got my ears pierced at the state fair….Born and raised in the area so it was a tradition in my famiy when I was a kid and now I get to share it with my kids

  43. My favorite moment was when I first took my now 18 yr old son to the petting zoo for the first time and the llama licked his face – the startled look on my son’s face was priceless. Too bad I didn’t have my camera !

  44. My favorite fair memory is the first time we took my son to the fair. The look on his face at all the rides. How excited he was to be able to ride the little roller coaster.

  45. When I came home from an 18 month stay in Brazil, the state fair had a “Carnaval” theme. It was fun to share in some of Brazil traditions with my family.

  46. My favorite fair memory was a few years ago when all the fountains were working perfectly, and the pond/lagoon was full, and all the buildings were visibly clean and kept up.

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