Neon Splash Dash is coming to Sacramento- and we have FREE entries to giveaway!

method=get&s=neon-splash-dash-2013By Heather Crivellone

Sacramento is a runners city paradise!  We have good weather (minus a few 100 degree+ days), flat terrain, lots of shade (downtown) and a fun run, marathon or triathlon available almost every weekend of the year!  If you are searching for a running event in the area, make sure you check out our Runs/Walks page on this blog.

Some of these runs are basic 5K’s through local neighborhoods.  Some are down and dirty “Mud Runs”.  But one of the wildest and brightest night time running events is coming to Sacramento…The Neon Splash Dash!  On September 7th at Cal Expo (1600 Exposition Blvd) join thousands of runners, walkers and dancers as they “glow the night away”.

If you have never experienced the Neon Splash Dash- it’s an event to remember! You will run (or dance) through different Glow Zones, where everyone participating will be sprayed down with a different color of super intense U.V. Glow water.  Not only will you be drenched with glow water, but the party continues at each zone with music pumping to keep your energy going.
As everyone crosses the finish line there will be a HUGE after glow party filled with performers, music and tons of black lights to show off those neon colors!

Now if you have children- you know the excitement of glow sticks at nighttime…multiply that excitement by a gazillion, add music and you the Neon Splash Dash!

The event will begin at 7:30pm, with gates opening at 5:30pm for the early arrivals.  This is a family friendly event- strollers are welcome and children of all ages can participate in this event.  Just keep in mind that this is a nighttime event- so make sure your children are the type who will stay with you and not wander off into the crowds by themselves…always my struggle with my youngest!

However, my 6 year old daughter is excited to be “bombed” with the “neon water” (as she calls it).  She had her first experience with a “real” running event a few months back and is now hooked…she loves the energy and excitement the races bring.  And especially when we know the proceeds go towards a charity we love.  The Neon Splash Dash donates to a local charity- the particular charity has not yet been named, but to know that we are going out, having fun, getting fit all in the name of a charity…it’s a gift that I love to share with my family!

Registration for the Neon Splash Dash is now open.  Visit their website for more information and to sign up.  And for our Sacramento Kids readers- we are giving away 2 Free Entries into the race!!!  Comment on this article with your favorite Neon Color and why you should be chosen to win a free entry by July 31 and we will choose 2 winners who will be announced the first week of August.  All other readers who would like to run in the race and don’t win the free tickets, we are also offering $5 off registration with the code: SACKIDS5

Good luck to everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you “glow” at the finish line!



13 thoughts on “Neon Splash Dash is coming to Sacramento- and we have FREE entries to giveaway!

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  2. If I was chosen to win the two tickets to the Neon Splash Dash they would be donated to a family. See, I work in the Prevention Department of a non-profit organization called NCADD. Here at NCADD I run the Kernels Program which means I go out to local low-income apartment complexes to connect with families and teach parents evidence-based strategies for positive growth and encouragement in their children and households. The next Kernel I will be teaching them about is the benefits of physical activitiy and play for kids. It would be awesome to win these two tickets and gift them to a family who could learn how much fun there is in doing physical activity with one another!!!! Good Luck Everyone! OH almost forgot! My favorite neon color is BRIGHT YELLOW because who doesn’t love sunshine!

  3. My favorite neon color is….Pink! I would love to be a part of this fun event because I recently took up running as a means to deal with my PTSD and practice a healthy lifestyle- I have already lost 10 lbs. I’ve never ran a 5k or been a part of an event that promotes fitness in such a fun manner. I think winning an entry to this event would give me the drive and motivation to keep going and working towards my weight loss and fitness goals. I hope I can be apart of this run! Thank you and let’s keep on running Sacramento!

  4. Favorite neon color would be Orange because it’s so bright! Wanted to go to the Run To Rave which was a similar run, but didn’t get tickets. Would love to go to this one!

  5. How cool! I’ve recently started running and have been looking for a fun 5K to run. This is it! All if the colors are fabulous but the pink is my favorite. Can’t wait to be splashed with the “neon water”!

  6. My Family and i would love to win tickets to the Neon Splash Race it looks super cool. Oh and my favorite neon color is pink.

  7. All the bright and vibrant neon colors are beautiful and I like them all. I love Neon Blue. It is calming like the ocean. I would love to be selected for the Neon Splash Race at Cal Expo. I have never participated in an event like this and would love to experience it with all it’s glory. The experience sounds like an awesome and it would be more up my alley than a regular fun run with Glow Zones that I could dance and shake my money maker while getting adorned with UV Glow Water to glow even bright than I already am to music to keep my pumped up the entire route. And the best of it is, is that it is at Night, when I can let my Freak come out!

  8. Go NEON GREEN! I would love to take my 16 year old niece who LOVES all things NEON!!! For her sweet sixteen this year, I bought her neon acrylics to go neon crazy!!!! This would be a great opportunity for her because she doesn’t get out much and it would be a perfect way to end her summer break and to create awesomely neon memories!!!!!

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