Weekend Family Fun

Weekend Family fun collage

12/27 – Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat at Sleep Train Arena- The Sacramento Kings take on the Miami Heat in this basketball game.

12/27 – New Year’s Eve Banner at the Discovery Museum – Make the end of 2013 memorable by visiting the Discovery Museum with family and friends. Explore exhibits, a nature walk and the craft room.  Kids 12 and under color and assemble a New Year Banner to take home.  Admission includes an animal presentation at noon & 2pm, the Space Quest! exhibit and planetarium shows at 1pm & 3pm (for ages 4 and older).

12/27-12/28 – Comedy Sportz Improv Comedy – ComedySportz isn’t comedy about sports—it’s comedy played as a sport! Two teams compete for your laughs and your points by making up scenes based on your suggestions. This is high energy, interactive fun for all ages, similar to the hit show Whose Line Is It Anyway? As the winner for KCRA Best Comedy Club 2009 & 2010, ComedySportz loves to make you laugh!

12/27-12/29 – The Christmas Train aboard the Sacramento River Train – Come celebrate the holiday season on a festive two-hour train ride! This trip features a show that brings the fun family book Morgan and the Magical Christmas Train to life. Characters will interact with the kids, a musician plays fun music throughout the trip, and tickets include hot cocoa and cookies. Santa might also make a surprise visit! Guests are encouraged to come in their most holiday themed pajamas.

12/28 – Tissssssss the Season at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center – Have you been missing the cold-blooded critters that have been hiding out this winter? Come in to see and learn all about the Nature Center’s reptiles that are awake and warm!

12/28-12/29 – Beauty and the Beast at the Be Street Theater – “Beauty and The Beast” tells the story of a merchant’s daughter, Belle, who sacrifices herself to save her father.  Condemned to his ugly visage unless he can marry, the Beast repeatedly asks Belle for her hand in marriage. Belle rebuffs him, but slowly his violent and intimidating façade melts away as the Beast and Belle form a friendship. When the friendship is tested, by the appearance of Belle’s shallow sister, Magette, the Beast and Belle must learn to look beyond the surface and take the greatest leap of faith, the leap of love.

12/28-12/29 – A Winnie The Pooh Christmas Tail – A very special friend tells Christopher Robin a story of a Christmas Eve very long ago (about last year) when Eeyore, the old gray donkey who lives by himself in the thistle corner of Hundred-Acre Wood, was absolutely miserable. It seems that he lost his tail and Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet got all of their friends together and a search was organized. There is a great deal of fun and excitement, plus delightful songs, in the adventure that follows.

12/28 – 12/31 – Winter Scienceland at the Discovery Museum – It may not snow often in Sacramento but that does not mean that we can’t celebrate the science of snow.  Learn a bit about snowflakes.  As a take home, children 12 and under craft a Jack Frost wand.  Admission includes these activities, an animal presentation at noon & 2pm, the Space Quest! exhibit and planetarium shows at 1pm & 3pm (for ages 4 and older).

12/29 – Coyote Tales at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center – Join the Effie Yeaw Nature Center for a program all about an animal some people may call the “Trickster”. Learn about this animal, hear some coyote tales, and get a close-up look at a coyote pelt, skull and even a mounted specimen! Then hit the trails with a Naturalist to search for tracks and scat of these wild canines.


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