Create a unique Valentines Gift for someone special at Petroglyph Ceramics Studio

imagesBy Heather Crivellone

On any normal winter day, us moms would be itching at the seams to get our kids outside and burning energy!  However, this year has been an exception and we have been lucky enough (or unlucky…however you may think of this climate change) to be able to still hit up the parks and bike trails… ALL winter long.

It’s almost February and we have had NO rainy days.  That means, no excuses to stay in, drink hot cocoa and play board games.  Only days to be out enjoying our strange ‘spring-like’ weather!  However, if you are getting a little tired of those active afternoons and are looking for an indoor activity to keep your kids busy (besides sitting in front of the TV and/or playing the Wii)..then check out one of our local pottery studios to get their creative juices flowing! 

Recently, we took a trip to Roseville to the Petroglyph Ceramics Lounge for a quiet afternoon activity.  My daughter was thrilled at the idea of painting her own jewelry box…until she spotted the “most perfect Hello Kitty statue”.  My son (who surprisingly enjoyed the painting way more than I thought) found a skateboard to paint and make “his own”.

Once you arrive at Petroglyph, you are greeted by friendly staff who helps find you a table and shows you where to find your perfect piece to create. Choices range from piggy banks, plates, mugs, sculptures, picture frames…so many to choose from!  My children quickly chose and were off to get the paints and tools. 

It was a quiet Monday afternoon and all the tables seemed to be filled-  people of all ages enjoying the opportunity to create a one of a kind masterpiece.  I was amazed at how much detail my 4 and 6 year olds were putting into their pieces.  This was definitely an outing that tested patience- and luckily for me, they enjoyed every minute of it!
After they were finished painting- my son ran into the “cave” and watched a cartoon while I proceeded to checkout.

Pricing for petroglyph is reasonable- you just pay your sitting fee (covers the cost of the paint, glaze and kiln firing) and the cost of the piece you are choosing to paint.  Once you are done painting, it goes into the kiln and you can go back in a few days to pick up your artwork. The sitting fee is for all day- you can literally spend the entire day at Petroglyph.  And with the location in the heart of Roseville, you can arrive in the morning, leave for lunch and then come back to finish your art.  Located in one of Roseville’s more popular shopping centers- you have choices such as Subway, Starbucks, Noah’s Bagels, Jamba Juice, Macaroni Grill and others to choose from…all walking distance from Petroglyph.

So, if you are searching an activity for your children, mommy’s group or just an outing by yourself- Petroglyph is a perfect opportunity to get reach your creative side and make a one of a kind gift for yourself or someone you love.  And since Valentine’s day is around the corner…this may be a great choice for that personalized gift! 

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