Sweet Treats at Megan’s Bake Shop in West Sacramento

DSC_0282 By Heather Crivellone

When most little girls are asked what they want to be when they grow up, many of the replies are “princesses”, “veterinarian”, “teachers”, etc.  Ever since my sweet first grader has been in preschool- her answer has always been…and still is “A Baker!”.
As with most kids, she loves everything and anything sweet.  Desserts are always a surefire way to get her to eat at least one piece of broccoli at dinner…. And when it comes to making cookies or cakes- she is the first in line to “help” (aka- “lick the bowl”).
So when I heard about the new bakery that was opening up in West Sacramento- I knew I had to plan a mommy-daughter date to check it out!

Megan’s Bake Shop, is located at 1001 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 800 in West Sacramento (close to the freeway entrance).   Recently opened in January and is already a favorite among many of our friends!  Cupcakes, cookies, cakes and/or pies… they can make pretty much anything to order.  They also offer decorating classes and all the supplies you would need to create your own special delectable treats at home!

What caught my eye, was the classes they offer for children.  Once a month they offer classes such as Cookie and Cupcake decorating for kids.  They supply the sweet treats, frosting, decorations, sprinkles, edible fondant shapes… everything that a “little baker in training” would need to make a perfect dessert.  I took my 6 year old daughter and she was in heaven… she spent more time perfecting her cookie decorations, than she does on her school work!  But the best part- is that there was NO MESS for mama to clean up!  I don’t know about you- but, as a mom, I love the time we spend in the kitchen cooking and baking.  However, sometimes my stress level to have a clean kitchen and keep the fingers out of the cookie dough…and frosting is just too much too bear!  So with having an opportunity to just go- decorate, have fun and eat the creations without the clean up…that is priceless!

Megan’s Bake Shop is hosting a Kids Valentines Cooke Decorating course on Wednesday, February 12 from 4:00-5:00pm.  Contact them directly for more information and to register your children for this Valentines class.

And on Saturday, February 22 from 10:00-11:00am the kids can take a Cupcake Decorating class.

This is also a great activity for those “play dates” that you don’t running around in your house.  Or, you could host your next little baker’s birthday party with the help from Megan’s Bake Shop.  And, of course- if the classes are just not your thing… just go in and check out some of the great treats they have.  Everyone needs to treat themselves to something sweet every once in a while.


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