Planet Kids at Soda Springs Resort is open for Snow Play!

photo-1By Heather Crivellone

Hooray…we have finally had some rain in the Sacramento valley.  And with rain in the valley, that typically means snow on the mountains!  Unfortunately, this winter has been more “spring like” than a typical winter in Sacramento should be.  But, some of the snow parks have been busy making snow and with the last few storms- some of the play areas finally have snow!

And with snow on the mountains-  that means “road trips” to play in the icy wonderland!  I have to admit, I’m not a snow bunny at heart.  I don’t particularly enjoy being bundled up and walking in the snow- because no matter how thick your socks are…toes still get frozen!  However, I DO love the fact that we live here in Sacramento- so close to go and play in the snow, yet be able to come home and cozy up on my own couch by dinnertime.
In under a 2 hour drive, we can be in the High Sierras and hitting some of the most famous slopes.  My family loves to take advantage of this proximity and we always seem to be heading up the hill a few more times than I would personally enjoy.

Recently, we took our kids (ages 4 and 6) to Soda Springs Resort to check out “Planet Kids”.  This was absolutely worth the $30/kid entrance fee… the kids (and grudgingly, I did also) had a blast!
For $30, the kids can try out skiing and/or snowboarding (rentals are included in the admission price) on their very tame “kids slope”.  We also enjoyed tubing, climbing the snow mountains and my sons favorite-the intertube carousel.  They take the preparation work away and all you need to bring is warmly dressed kids…they even sell light snacks on the hill and of course you can purchase a full lunch at the lodge.

In addition to “Planet Kids”, Soda Springs also offers lessons, lifts and “Tube Town”.  This is geared for children and adults 42″ and taller where a moving carpet is designed to escalate up the mountain so you can zip and zoom down the hill in your tube!
And for those kids who are even a bit more adventurous, they have mini-snowmobiles for rent for kids ages 6-12 and under 100 lbs.  Kids can hop on their very own mini snowmobile and cruise around a circular track made specifically for snowmobiling
Located approximately 1.5 hours above Sacramento and off of Hwy 80, Soda Springs makes for a perfect winter family day trip!

And with some snow (finally) on the mountains, you may be considering heading up the hill with your family.  Many of the snow parks have had to close due to lack of snow, but Soda Springs is in fact open to the public.  So gather up your warm jackets, some hot cocoa and cameras and hit the slopes with your family (don’t forget the sun block and lip balm) and make some memories in our local winter wonderland!


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