Meet Maylanie from Sacramento Stand Up PaddleSurf and Take a Discounted Tour on the Sacramento River



paddleBy Heather Crivellone

Hello August…and Hello Heat!  One of the downfalls (for me) living in Sacramento is the summer time heat.  I have never enjoyed wiping sweat off of my forehead, sticking to my seats in the car and spending tons of money on air conditioning in the summer.  But, after several years of dealing with the Sacramento summers- I finally realized that it isn’t something to dread, but to embrace.  We are surrounded by water everywhere.  Between the lakes and rivers- we are merely minutes away from summer time fun in the sun and water.

If you haven’t noticed the recent craze- people everywhere are hitting the waterways on paddleboards, and for good reason!  This sport is not only fun, but it’s relaxing and works every muscle in your body.  You have to concentrate on balance (obviously) and depending on where you are at, you will use both upper and lower body strength to maneuver your way through the waves.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Maylanie, from Sac Sups- Sacramento Stand Up Paddle surf.  She is a Sacramento native who has brought her passion and love for the sport to the Sacramento River.  After meeting her for the first time, I decided to gather a group of friends to get together and take one of her tours.  As “newbies” to the sport, she was extremely informative and helpful at getting each and every one of us comfortable and ready for the water.

Not only was she very helpful, she was eager to share with me her background and why she loves what she does:

“My fondest memories as a child were taking swim lessons every summer at the Rancho Cordova community center and river rafting down the American River.  My father was a scuba diver and we spent most   weekends in Santa Cruz camping with many of his peers.  We spent the days surfing, while they dove for abalone. I spent five years in the Philippines living amongst fishermen and farmers. This only intensified   my love for our oceans and nature.  I came back to Sacramento and was on the swim team at our local high school.  Our family can be found most summers on the river wake boarding or up in Clear Lake. There were many factors that inspired me to open up my shop.   I paddle year round and felt a personal need for company on our rivers.  I found that I was traveling far to find other SUP enthusiasts and I wanted to create a Sacramento SUPs race team to promote racing closer to home. I also have a background of 13 years working with special needs children and many come from disadvantaged homes.  As a resident of Oak Park, I clearly understand the importance of reconnecting these children and their families to the outdoors, nature, and community.  I have been able to bring this sport to families at an affordable price, while also gaining exposure towards a sport I am very passionate about.  I just love being about to incorporate all that means so much to me-  Family, Friends, Community, Nature, Health, Environment, Spirituality!”

Maylanie’s shop- Sacramento Sups- Stand Up Paddle Surf is located at the Broderick boat launch ramp- 103 4th Street in West Sacramento.  As a “Mom and Pop” family owned business, they rent SUP boards and sell quality race, tour and recreational fishing SUP boards.  Their primary focus is on the Downtown Sacramento and American River.  They cover the West Sacramento, Sac County, Sac City, and Yolo County areas.  They currently offer open and private tours, corporate tours/team building events, paddle fit, SUP Yoga, lessons and are always open to creating an excursion to suit the needs of each individual.  They also deliver boards and currently are holding classes at the Barge Canal, Broderick boat ramp and Bridgeway boathouse.

If you haven’t tried Paddle boarding- it should be on your list of “to do’s”.  We went out with a group of adults, but Maylanie said that families are always welcome!  For open tours, the children must not be younger than 13 and needs to be accompanied by an adult (and must wear life vests).  Sessions are available for parents with children and she is always ready to set up a private lesson with those who are interested.

Pricing for groups and individuals is very reasonable- and for our Sacramento Kids readers, she is offering an introductory special for group tours.  Bring 6 friends, be fitted for boards, learn the basics of paddle surfing and take a tour up the river to one of our local restaurants for a “quick bite” for only $100!  That is less than $20 per person.

This is the tour that I did with a group of my friends- and we had a BLAST!  It was about 3 hours from start to finish, and there is just nothing quite like seeing the sunset while paddling on the Sacramento River.  It was an experience that none of us will forget.

If you would like to take advantage of this deal- respond to this post with why you would like to go on this tour and who you would take.  One lucky reader will get the chance to have an evening out on the river with Maylanie!

We will post the winner next Thursday, August 14th.



**If you would like to schedule an outing, please call 916-607-5720.  If they don’t answer- it means they are out on the water so leave a message and someone will get back with you.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Maylanie from Sacramento Stand Up PaddleSurf and Take a Discounted Tour on the Sacramento River

  1. Thanks for this great opportunity! I would love to share this experience with my two sons and my friends. We love trying new things and being active. Fun, sun and a workout right here in Sactown! Awesome!

  2. This would be a great way to spend the day on the water, doing something different. It looks like it could be fun, new sport to get in to, and the free tour would be a great trial for us!

  3. I would love to do this! My husband and I saw this in HI on our honeymoon and wanted to try it but never had the chance. It would be fun for him and I to try it out in our hometown.

  4. I love to try new and adventurous things. I think paddle boarding would be the next best thing to try. I have a BFF I’ve known since 7th grade that I love to do adventurous things for the first time with. I would also invite a few more girls that enjoy doing fun things along, too, that I went to junior high and high school with for a fabulous Girl’s Paddling Adventure evening out and celebrate our fabulous 30 year class reunion all over again 🙂

    I would love for my first time experience on a paddle board be done by a locally owned women’s business such as Maylanie’s and I know my girl friends would love it too!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win an evening out on the water with Maylanie.

    Good Luck, everyone!

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