Win Tickets to this Weekend’s SacAnime Convention


If you have anime fans living in your house, then you are more than likely aware that the Sacramento Convention Center and Sheraton Grand Sacramento will be hosting the year’s 2nd SacAnime convention this weekend.  More than 10,000 people are expected to attend this large event in downtown Sacramento over Labor Day weekend.

SacAnime is the anime convention “Where Fans Come to Play,” providing Japanese influenced pop culture fun for the entire family. Over 10,000 fans, many in costume, are expected to attend. Events include live concerts with Eyeshine and Akai Sky, a huge vendors’ room, karaoke contests, cosplay costume contest, lolita tea party, maid cafe, video game tournaments, artists alley, panels and workshops, a kids zone and much more.

Sound like fun?  If you would like a chance to win four tickets to SacAnime, tell us by way of “comment”, who your favorite anime character is and why.  The winner will be chosen via random drawing on Wednesday, August 27, 2104.  Good luck!



9 thoughts on “Win Tickets to this Weekend’s SacAnime Convention

  1. I love Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. Even though she made a big mistake on the beginning, she uses the rest of the series to make up for it. The spotlight doesn’t corrupt her, and let’s face it: her outfits are waaay to adorable!

  2. My favorite character is Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail. He is always determined to be the best. He always puts 100 percent into everything he does and then some. He inspires me to do better. Even though he is a little cocky, he gets the job done. I will always watch Fairy Tale!!!

  3. I love the Fairy Tail series – and the characters in the magical guild of Fairy Tail are all so diverse and wonderful. The show grows and develops with them and you fall in love with each and every one of them. And beyond everything else – Fairy Tail is family.

  4. Kuranosuke Koibuchi from Princess Jellyfish is my absolute idol. He keeps things quirky, hilarious, and lighthearted. Most of the time.

    This man does not give a flying rat’s patootie of expectations thrusted in his general direction, and he pursues his hobbies simply because they’re fun. It’s deep… in a really shallow way, haha!

  5. There are far too many characters in the Anime community to just like one, however if I was to pick one it would be Krillin from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. While any of the Dragon Ball series isn’t in my top three animes, Krillin is the one character I love the most. He has always been competing and comparing himself with Son Goku, even though he’s taken a lot of negative backlask with the fan base, Krillin still does his best to do what he’s trained to do. Defend the planet.

  6. I am a HUGE Sailor MOON fan, I have been a fan since the 90’s!!! I fell in love with the characters of Sailor Moon because I love magic, the planets, and the cool costumes!!!

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