Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day at Fairytale Town

DSC_0327By Heather Crivellone

Arrr Matey! Did ya know that this Friday is International “Talk like a Pirate” day?  If ye didn’t- then ye shall walk the plank ya old scallywags!

Okay- so, I may have some work to do on my own pirate talk- but, that won’t stop me from having a hoot and hollering good time at Fairytale Town this Friday, September 19 from 10am-2pm. If you have been keeping up on our posts, then you know that Fairytale town is one of our favorite Sacramento destinations.
With 2.5 acres of park features all dedicated to bringing the great nursery rhymes to life, it’s a dream come true for kids of all ages. Kids can explore old nursery rhyme favorites while speeding down slides, climbing through tunnels and balancing along the “Crooked Mile”.  Kids can enjoy viewing animals from the “Three Little Pig”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and more.
And this Friday, your family can learn attend a “Pirate Skool” and learn the great language of the “Hearties and ye may lay to that!” Guests will enjoy plenty of pirate themed fun and activities for yer whole family!  And those who wear pirate-themed attire, including eyepatches, bandanas and pirate hats on the day of the event will receive one free child general admission with one paid adult general admission!

So “hoist the colors and search out for ye motherload, or ye scallywags may come upon Davy Jones’ locker!” Or- just come on out for some fun and “walk the plank”.

If you need to brush up on your pirate talk, visit the official Talk like a Pirate website. It’s fun for a few laughs at least!



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