17th Annual Reptile Show comes to the Sacramento Convention Center

snakeBy Heather Crivellone

I am NOT a fan of slippery, slimy snakes, toads, lizards or anything of that nature.  However, since I have a little boy I am learning that I have to put my fears aside and pretend to be interested in these creatures.  Oh how I hate going into the reptile room at the Sacramento Zoo…and that seems to be my little boys’ favorite place to go!  So, you can imagine his excitement when daddy told him about the “17th Annual Reptile Show” coming to town.

So if you have a little boy (or girl) who loves reptiles, then this may be the outing for you!  On September 27-28, at the Sacramento Convention Center (1400 J Street in Downtown Sacramento), you can visit the largest reptile show in Northern California! Last year they had over 3000 reptiles on display and this year is going to be even bigger.  With exhibits showcasing venomous reptiles from around the world that include King Cobras and Black Mambas,  you can visit educational booths to learn about the World of Reptiles and even have the opportunity to meet a 10 foot, 100 pound alligator!

If you are interested in adding a reptile pet to your family- this is the place to ask questions, get information and even purchase from.  They will have vendors onsite to discuss everything you need about making the best choice for your family.

There are two options for passes to the event.  You can purchase either a one or a two day pass. Adults 13 and older $13 for a one day pass and $19 for the two day passes.  Children ages 4-12 are $9 or $13 and those who are 3 and under are free.

You can guarantee that I will stay clear of the downtown area on these days….however, I will be packing snacks for my little guy and his daddy to visit the World of Reptiles.  Now, I just need to lock the doors in case they decide they want to bring home a pet!!!



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