First-Timer Reviews Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

Disney on IceBy Lindsey Adams

I took my two and a half year old to Disney on Ice World of Fantasy last night and I think we’ve found a new tradition. She was in awe the entire time as one character after another skated out and I too enjoyed belting out songs from The Little Mermaid, one of my favorite Disney movies.  Watching a toddler’s face light up as Mickey drives out in his red car or point and scream as a fairy flutters from the sky is enough to make your heart melt. I had a feeling she was trying to figure out how these characters made their way out of our TV and onto the stage in front of her. Knowing how I am on two ice skates, I was thoroughly impressed by the skating in these intricate and very bulky costumes, many props to Ursula the Sea Witch and Slinky Dog! Hearing my daughter enthusiastically tell her friends and teacher about her night when I dropped her off at preschool this morning was music to my ears!  I’ll just be here at work all day singing Under the Sea to myself.

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