Tumblebuddies Dance and Gymnastics Studio for Kids

untitledBy Heather Crivellone

Does your child have a desire to twirl and dance the day away?  Do they seem to be bouncing off the walls full of energy?  Are you looking for a new and exciting activities for your children to try?  Then check out Sacramento’s newest dance/ gymnastics studio- Tumblebuddies!

Tumblebuddies is located at 1803 Tribute Rd Suite A in Downtown Sacramento. They believe that “children should start fitness from birth in a fun and nurturing environment”. And their mission is to “develop more self-confident, understanding and respectful children in a fun and nurturing fitness environment.  Striving to make every little one feel special and loved no matter what their physical abilities are.”

Children from 8 weeks to 8 years old will enjoy the classes they have to offer.  Everything from parent-participation and independent gymnastics classes, Zumba for kids, Tap and Ballet dance and even cooking classes!  You are sure to find something for your little ones to keep them active and engaged on those cold winter mornings coming up!

Each week is themed differently and has music and activities to keep every class fresh and exciting… and they even offer “Parent’s night out” for those who want a date night and would rather your child be engaged and active than just watching “the tube” with a babysitter.  Check out their website for dates and times for classes and events.

This would be a fantastic place to host your “tiny dancer’s” birthday party as they can accommodate a wide range of ages and themes for the child.

Contact the studio for pricing information and how to pop in for a class, your children will love the programs they have to offer- and you will enjoy a few quiet moments just sitting back and watching them twirl the morning away!


One thought on “Tumblebuddies Dance and Gymnastics Studio for Kids

  1. We love Tumble Buddies- the teachers are great, very hands on and engaging. If you have a little one this is a great place, go and try a free class and see for yourself!

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