Snow White and Rose Red at the B Street Theatre

001By Alyssa Green

Over the weekend, my son and I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the B Street Theatre’s second Family Series production of the season – Snow White and Rose Red.  And we both loved it! My 11-year old was a little bit hesitant to see a Snow White play, worried that he would be the only boy in the audience.  Of course, he wasn’t.  And this story portrayed a very different Snow White than the Disney princess we all have grown up with. And he was very relieved!

Based on a story written by the famous Grimm brothers, this adaptation was written by the B Street’s David Pierini. The play begins with a family of traveling actors – Dad, mom and two squabbling sisters, who are camping in the frightful woods.  In order to tame the frightening noises of their surroundings, they offer to entertain the “woods” with a play.  The family decides on Snow White and Rose Red which is a story about – you got it – two squabbling sisters who live in the woods with their father.  The eldest sister Snow White is self-centered, selfish and just plain mean to her younger, and much sweeter sister, Rose Red.  Snow’s only ambition in life is to someday leave the lonely woods where they have lived with their father in poverty since their mother disappeared a few years earlier, and do whatever it takes to become rich.  As you can guess, Rose’s nature is much more kind and loving, and wishes only to please her sister and father.  The girls encounter a friendly bear who wished to warm himself at their hearth and then becomes their playmate for a season. They also meet a cranky little dwarf whom they save from harm a couple of times in their journeys.

Here’s what my son had to say about it:

“I really enjoyed Snow White and Rose Red.  I liked that it was a play within a play and that this story of Snow White was one I had never heard of before. The actors were all really good, and really funny.  My favorite characters were the mom and the silly dwarf who kept getting himself in trouble!”

Snow White and Rose Red is playing at the B Street Theater thru Dec. 28, 2014 with two special Thanksgiving showings this Friday and Saturday at 1pm and 4pm.  So, if you are not a big black Friday shopper and would much rather do something fun with your kiddos, head over the B Street for a great afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Snow White and Rose Red at the B Street Theatre

  1. I also saw snow white and rose red with my daughter. It was really great and fun for both child and parent. The “mother” was hilarious!! Uer side jokes to the adult audience was great and the accent was alot of fun. Great review

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