Disney on Ice Presents “Let’s Celebrate!”

logo-disney-on-iceBy Heather Crivellone

Who doesn’t love a celebration and an excuse to throw a party?  This weekend, celebrate all things magical with your favorite Disney characters as Disney on Ice presents “Let’s Celebrate!”

Last night, I had the opportunity to take my family to this extraordinary event.  At ages 5 and 7, my kids were thrilled to see their favorite characters come to life and especially loved watching the beautiful skaters as they told stories on the ice.

The idea behind “Let’s Celebrate” is one colossal party on the ice!  As Minnie Mouse said, it’s a “celebration of celebrations”- and who doesn’t love a good party?   In the opening act, Lumiere the candlestick invites the audience to “Be our Guest” to celebrate some of the happiest times of the year with our favorite Disney friends.  Peter Pan, Snow White, Belle, Alice, Mickey and Minnie (to name a few) made an appearance and helped to “get the party started”. With the idea of Mickey and Minnie, the friends began to prepare for Pinocchio’s birthday party.  As we all know, Pinocchio doesn’t always tell the truth and his nose gave it away.  So with the help of the Mad Hatter and Alice, the party was changed to celebrate EVERYBODY’s “Un-Birthday”.

As the night progressed, we celebrated Halloween, Summer Vacation, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other festive events with the Disney crew.  And of course, with all things Disney,  you can expect to see unbelievable skating, stunts, gorgeous and colorful costumes, great set designs and become transformed into a whole new world!

My favorite part of the show, was watching the faces and excitement of all the kids. Everyone was in awe and smiling from ear to ear at the skating “stunts” and enjoying the graceful moves as the Disney princesses glided across the ice.  The characters made the show interactive and asked for audience participation that kept the energy high.  My son was especially happy when he was able to yell “BOO” at the top of his lungs to scare away the evil villains who were trying to sabotage Mickey.

When I asked my kids what their favorite part was- I had two totally different answers.  My son loved seeing the “zombies” and Jack Skellington- the king of pumpkin town, with its eerie vibe and Halloween setting.  While my daughter, of course was more into the Valentine’s scene with the princesses and romantic setting. My son thought this was too “mushy and lovey” and kept asking to get a snow cone during this scene…. So, as you can tell- there is something for everyone at this show!

I would highly recommend taking your little princesses and princes to this show for Valentines weekend.  There is something for everyone here- even my husband who went with us grudgingly enjoyed the stunts and was amazed at the talent that was on the ice.  If you do decide to go- be prepared to see hundreds of little girls dressed in their favorite princess dresses (I even saw a few moms in some taffeta gowns… so feel free to get in costume if you choose to do so), and be careful of the spinning light toys they sell… I was hit a few times by the toddler behind me- all in good fun though!

“Let’s Celebrate!” will be in Sacramento at the Sleep Train Arena on February 13 at 7pm, February 14 and 15 at 11am, 3pm and 7pm and February 16 at 12pm and 4pm.  Tickets are available for sale on the website or at the box office and start at $17.  This is a show not to be missed- have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!





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