Reptile Roundup at the World of Wonders Museum is coming March 14!

dsc_0001By Heather Crivellone

The World of Wonders Science museum located in Lodi is a mini- Exploratorium. Without having to travel to San Francisco and deal with the parking, crowds or high costs, you can take your younger children to this museum in downtown Lodi for an afternoon of science, play and exploration without the headaches of the big city.

This hands on museum is great for children ages preschool to adults.  They can learn about the wonders of magnetism, gravity, energy, electricity and more…all while playing games and exploring with the interactive exhibits.   I recently took my kids here for the day to explore and I was surprised at how long my kids were engaged and “playing” at each exhibit.  They may not understand quite yet what they were doing- but it was a fun way to introduce them to the magic of science. My little guy was intrigued by the “build your own Lego race car” and watching it “race” down the ramp.  We also had fun with bubbles, dominoes, Plasma Balls, Wind Tubes and much, much more.  They thought they were just playing and having fun- but really, they were learning about the variables of kinetic energy, observing electric currents on meters, and experimenting with reflection and refraction while seeing how light behaves.   It was a great learning experience- all while playing with my children.  My daughter especially loved the “Bearded Dragon” and wanted to take him home….not so sure that this is the best first pet for our family, and I’m still trying to convince her that a goldfish is more our speed.

On Saturday, March 14 from 10am-3pm, they will be presenting their 5th annual “Reptile Roundup”.  Your children will have the opportunity to learn about reptiles “up close and personal” and discover the world of reptiles through arts, crafts and other amazing activities!

The World of Wonders (WOW) Science Museum is located at N Sacramento Street in Lodi.  About an hour outside of downtown Sacramento.  They are open Wednesday- Sunday from 10am to 5pm.  Admission into the museum in $6.00 for adults, $4.00 for children ages 2-17 and FREE for teachers




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