Witness the Battle Between Good and Evil in the Debut of Marvel Universe Live! at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena

Marvel Universe 2015 053Marvel Universe Live! debuted in Sacramento last night, and I’m here to tell you that it did not disappoint! Get ready to don your favorite superhero costume and head on over to Sleep Train Arena for an exciting, fast-paced, captivating, live action show that brings together 25 of your favorite superheroes and villains to battle for the cosmic cube, the source of ultimate power that everyone wants to get their hands on. The show begins with Thor, one of mythologies greatest superheroes as he destroys the cosmic cube into thousands of pieces in order to save the universe from the power source falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, Thor’s evil brother Loki uses the scattered fragments  to clone the cube’s powers. And the battle between good and evil begins.

In this battle to save the universe, there’s fire and explosions. Amazing acrobatics as our favorite characters climb tall buildings and fly through the air. Death-defying stunts, martial art battles and motorcross races. But it’s not all special effects. Our favorite superheroes and villains stay true to their personalities with witty one-liners from our heroes Ironman and Spider-Man. Black Widow and Storm use both brains and superhuman strength to help win the battle. Wolverine shows up as his usual brusque self while at the same time trying to help Bruce Banner keep his temper from spiraling out of control – which of course, it does, and Hulk finally  shows up near the end of the production – and his appearance is rather spectacular! If you are wondering what the outcome of this great battle is, rest assured that the good guys win and all the evil villains we love to hate go down. Spider-Man sums it up perfectly when he says, “good never goes out of style!” Well said, Spider-Man, well said.

The debut of Marvel Universe Live! is entertaining for sure, action-packed and even a bit ridiculous (in a good way) and If you’ve got boys (or girls) ages 3 to 15 years, I’d say they are going to love this show!

What: Marvel Universe Live!

When: March 12-15, 2015

Where: Sleep Train Arena


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